BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Results : An amazing performance by FS Esports wins hearts

Day 2 for the BGMI Masters Series has concluded and here are the results of all the matches that took place!

BGMI Masters Series: Teams, Schedule and everything you need to know
BGMI Masters Series

The BGMI Masters Series LAN tournament has been going on and the matches have been nothing short of entertaining and exciting at the same time.

Just like Day 1, Day 2 saw the inculcation of numerous teams battling it out in the best ways possible and trying their best to win as many chicken dinners as possible.

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BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Results

The second day of the  BGMI Masters Series LAN kicked off on the 25th of June 2022 and as the tournament entered its second day, the amount of excitement to see each team in action doubled as well.

Match 1 : FS Explicit shows off his skills

The first match started with Day 1 table toppers sitting back as groups A and C participated in the match. The fan favorites being Team SouL had a heavy influence throughout the match with Goblin taking 5 kills being the highest kills amongst all players in the game.

FS Esports gears up to appear on first TV- broadcasted BGMI LAN event by Star Sports x NODWIN Gaming
FS Esports

No matter how good SouL played however, there was one player in particular that held his own after the rest of his team got eliminated. It was none other then Explicit from FS Esports who went on a 1v3 fight in the final circle. Even though he got eliminated, he was successful in securing the fourth place for his team which is an achievement in itself especially considering he was standing alone against all other players towards the end.

BGMI Masters Series Match 5 results
BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Match 1 Results

The match ended with Team SouL taking the victory, Team Revenant coming in second, Team XO in third and of course, FS Esports in the fourth position giving them 29, 17, 17, and 16 points respectively in the first match.

Match 2 : Insane victory by Insane Esports

The second match was yet again between Groups A and C so we saw the teams from the first match make a return to the arena on the map of Erangel where they fought it out to find out who would take the chicken dinner this time around.

Teams like SouL and Chemin Esports showed their consistency by going all out and not letting up for a single moment while other underdog teams such as Insane Esports made the best use of their situation and got the chicken dinner for themselves.

BGMI Masters Series Match 6 results
BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Match 2 Results

The last circle, which was expected to form in the Gatka region, saw the most amount of blood being spilt as teams struggles to find safe spots to take fights from. In the end, it was Team Insane Esports that gained an amazing compound as an area under their control which provided them with ample cover to eventually outnumber both Team SouL and Team Chemin Esports and get the chicken dinner for themselves in the end.

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Match 3 : OR rocks the competition yet again!

Group B made a return with group A this time around and Orange Rock showed why they had been the table toppers on Day 1. The way that they handled the game around the4mselves was impeccable and simply wonderful to watch .

BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Match 3 Results
BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Match 3 Results

However, it was FS Esports yet again who took away the center stage and went on a killing spree with the entire team finishing off 10 players and getting a point for each. Explicit played extremely well yet again and was crowned the MVP of match as well showing how wonderful a player he truly is.

Even though the match did go to OR Esports in the end, FS Esports managed to win over people’s hearts and are even now continuing to become one of the most popular underdog teams participating in the tournament.

Match 4 : A BLIND return to the top

The map of Sanhok, as you might know, is a center for battles that involve constant healing, otherwise known as heal battles where teams dish out amazing amounts of damage and then go in for heals so as to survive longer.

The map also provides a big height disparity with a lot of spots being on a high altitude and a lot of them being on the lower regions of the map. Due to this exact reason, it is difficult to find a good place to take cover in on this map.

BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Match 3
BGMI Masters Series Day 2 Match 3 Results

It did not come as a surprise that the game was fully based around the circle but what did seem out of the ordinary was Team BLIND getting an advantageous position for themselves as the circle formed exactly around them.

Even though there were times when it felt as though Blind might get taken out by Jonathan from Godlike Esports, he became less of a concern once he was spotted and taken out by Rege.

Now there is no doubt that the match was one of the most exciting ones but the true highlight of the match was seeing Gamlaboyyyy use up 12 medkits for healing himself at different points of time and looking at the absurd amount of healing he had done by the end of the match.

Conclusion of Day 2

With that, the second day of the BGMI Masters Series came to an end with Orange Rock Esports becoming the table toppers yet again, Insane Esports making a comfortable spot for themselves on second place, FS Esports coming in a close third, and so on and so forth as shown in the image below

BGMS Day 2 Standings
BGMS Day 2 Standings

And just like that, the second day of the BGMI Masters Series LAN came to an end but it still has 20 more days to go so make sure you come back and check out the results of the next day!

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