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BGMI Masters Series Day 3 Results : Double WWCDs taken by two teams!

Here are the results of Day 3 of the BGMI Masters Series LAN. Read More Here!

BGMI Masters Series 2022

The BGMI Masters Series is a LAN event taking place for the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, the India-exclusive version of PUBG Mobile.

With a massive prize pool of INR 1.5 Cr, The Masters Series is one of the biggest events that BGMI has ever seen and it is surely living up to the hype as Day 3 comes to an end.

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BGMI Masters Series Day 3 Results

As day 3 comes to a close for the BGMI Masters Series, here are all the results you need to see for the four matches that took place today in the tournament.

Match 1 : Skylightz Gaming turn a great opportunity into victory!

The game on the deserted map of Miramar started off with teams from Group B and C scattered around in the usual fashion along with some early fights that took out a few players in the early stages of the game.

Team OR Esports was looking to increase their lead in the match as they had already been the table toppers since the past two days but had to face utter disappointment in the first map of Miramar as they walked out with just a single point after being eliminated.

BGMI Masters Series Day 3 Results : Double WWCDs taken by two teams! 2

Team SouL were looking to fill the gap that had formed between them and the table toppers in the first two days and took a decent step in the right direction by gaining 10 points in the first map.

In the end however, it was Skylightz Gaming who were seen to be finally stepping up and taking a 4v3 victory after being one of the two final teams left standing. Even though they did have the advantage of the higher ground, Puskar’s sprays were still a force to be reckoned with.

Skylightz Gaming took the victory in the first match after taking out Team Nigma Galaxy who had a lack of cover while also having the height disadvantage.

Match 2 : Skylightz Gaming light up the sky with their success!

Coming on to the map of Erangel with the same group matchups as the first match of the day, we saw a hunger for revenge in the eyes of Nigma Galaxy.

As the teams dropped down, we saw Orangutan Esports land in Zharki which was so out of the zone that they had to make a run for their lives after getting a decent amount of loot from the otherwise ignored part of the map.

BGMI Masters Series Day 3 Match 2

The highlight of the game however, no doubt, would be the mid match position change that Skylightz Gaming carried out from right under the other teams’ noses was absolutely amazing and not only did they surprise us all, but it also set them up with a better position overall for the rest of the match.

Nigma Galaxy once again made it to the two two but in an amazing deja vu, they were eliminated yet again by the same team who had taken away their chicken dinner in the previous match, Skylightz Gaming.

Skylightz Gaming

Not only did SaumRaj step up as the IGL of the team, the first aid kit he received from VeXe helped him heal both his health, and confidence to break down Nigma Galaxy and get two consecutive chicken dinners for his team and with OR Esports underperforming yet again with another single point finish, Skylightz Gaming ended up on the top of the points table of the BGMI Masters Series.

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Match 3 : Team Enigma Forever make a forever lasting mark

The 3rd match of Day 3 of the BGMI Masters Series was played on the map of Sanhok between Groups A and C where Team SouL was expected to perform well unlike the previous two matches where they had been struggling but this time yet again, they got eliminated a bit too soon and this time, it was Nigma Galaxy who had set up camp on the bridge.

Towards the end of the match, we saw only 3 teams remaining in the circle namely TSM, Enigma Gaming, and Team Enigma Forever who had all been playing amazingly well throughout the match.

BGMI Masters Series Results Day 3 Match 3

As TSM got betrayed by the zone and taken out by the players of both Enigma Gaming and Team Enigma Forever, it quickly turned into a battle of the two remaining teams who battled it out in pursuit of a chicken dinner at the BGMI Masters Series

After exchanging some damage, we had two players from Team Enigma Forever alive but one of them was knocked. Owais went up to revive MaxKash and surprisingly, was successful in doing so which ultimately helped him as MaxKash’s grenade landed them the final kill and won them the game.

Match 4 : Team Enigma Forever take it away yet again!

As the fourth and last match of the day at the BGMI Masters Series began, we saw the rise of Team Enigma Forever yet again and the kind of dominance they wanted to show was very evident in the way they were playing.

As Enigma Gaming tried to wreak havoc over the other teams, they were taken down by others until there weren’t many teams left who still had their hopes of winning the Chicken Dinner.

Team Enigma Forever at the BGMI Masters Series LAN

As Team Enigma Forever eliminated the last three players from Team Xspark, we saw SouL Goblin take out Eggy but with the sweet opportunity presenting itself on TEF’s doors, they took out Goblin as well to claim the chicken dinner.

Team SouL on the other hand, finally gave their fans something to cherish upon as they finally took the runners up position in the match.


The first week of the BGMI Masters Series ended in a completely different way than it had originally been going with OrangeRock suddenly losing their grip over the games as out of 4 matches, there were only two teams that won chicken dinners out of the four matches that took place today.

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