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BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 1 Qualifiers Results : FS Esports starts the Qualifiers with a bang!

BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 1 has concluded and here are the results!

BGMI Masters Series

The BGMI Masters Series has finished off with its first week and today, we saw the second week beginning today and teams made it clear that they are now more ready than ever to step up to make their place.

As week 2 begins, we saw 3 matches go down as the format stated and we are one step closer to seeing who qualifies for the finals as the opening day of the qualifiers come to an end.

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BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 1 Qualifiers Results

As the welcoming week finished, we saw an absolute roller coaster ride coming in towards the end as OR eSports who had been the table toppers for the first two days dropped down and made space for Skylightz Gaming who go two WWCDs on the last day itself back to back.

Match 1 : The kings of consistency, FS Esports, get their first victory!

The first map of the day was that of Erangel where we had seen these teams perform exceptionally well and making plays that shouldn’t have even been possible in the first place!

As Group A and Group B dropped down on the green plains of Erangel, there were a few teams who we had our eyes on namely Orange Rock eSports, who had dropped down from glory yesterday and Team SouL, who were still struggling to find their pace in the tournament.

FS Esports

From the backlights, we had FS Esports step up and out into the light as they had been performing exceptionally well in the past few days in the opening weekend especially Explicit who had even received an MVP award.

FS Esports, known for beiong one of the most consistent teams in the tournament, had finished on the 6th place in the opening weekend and that too without a single WWCD giving them the said title.

FS Esports win Week 2 Day 1 Match 1 at BGMI Masters Series

Towards the end, as FS Esports had the higher ground over OR Esports, they blocked the TPP view for them as K47st decided to take matters into his own hands and finish off in style by also winning the MVP Award for the first match of Week 2 of the BGMI Masters Series Qualifiers.

Match 2 : Enigma Gaming set the fear of the Enigma into the hearts of their foes

As Group A and Group B jumped into the arena one more time on the deserted lands of Miramar, all eyes were on the most popular teams that did not perform so well in the previous match such as Godlike, Orangutan, TSM, and the likes and unfortunately, it was yet another disappointing outcome for them this time around.

As Orangutan and Godlike exchanged early bouts and tried to take out each others’ players, a number of third parties also benefitted with the faceoff.

Enigma Gaming

It is very well known how important taking the high ground is in the map of Miramar and it seemed that a lot of teams had failed in getting such positions for themselves because of the timings that they had rotated in.

It was the table toppers of the previous week, Skylightz Gaming, along with Enigma Gaming who found themselves in such advantageous positions and it was down to who would be the better team today.

Eggy was MVP for Week 2 Match 2 at the BGMI Masters Series!

As it turned out, Enigma Gaming made the first push where they found Saumraj and then continued to decimate the team of Skylightz Gaming as VeXe desperately tried to hold his own.

Evo0 and Eggy of Enigma Gaming made full use of the opportunity that was given to them and moved ahead in the game to get the chicken dinner for their team as Eggy picked up the MVP award for match 2 of Week 2 in the BGMI Masters Series

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Match 3 : Orange Rock makes a return!

The map of Sanhok has seen the meta of heal battles rise and stay put in its place with each team scrambling for as much consumables they can find and loot.

In a similar fashion, this time around as well, we saw team Orange Rock Esports play the long game and come out victorious after numerous battles that they faced throughout the game.

OrangeRock Esports

Orange Rock had been scrambling for points since not only the last two matches, but also during the matches of the previous day as well, i.e. the last day of the opening weekend matches where they had been table toppers but had dropped down places because of losing two matches with dreadfully low points.

Victory for OR Esports in Week 2 Match 3 of BGMI Masters Series!

This time around however, Orange Rock were determined to show the world that they were not out of it yet and made an amazing comeback into the tournament with a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner coming into place for them.

After going on an early killing spree, OR Esports also wiped out SouL Goblin and moved on further to watch Revenant and the rest of the SouL players dish it out in a heal battle which made it much more easy for OR to take away the victory after swinging in guns blazing.

Overall Standings

The three matches from the first day of Week 2 Qualifiers made up the current standings in the tournament points table which you can find attached below.

BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 1 Rankings Page 1
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 1 Rankings Page 2
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 1 Rankings Page 3

With OR Esports coming out on top and Team SouL rigth behind them, we saw FS Esports coming in only a sliver of points below team SouL even though they had played one less match compared to the other two teams.

Coming in next, we will be seeing the matches continue on tomorrow on Loco, Star Sports 2, and Glance and you can rest assured that we will be reporting on the results yet again.

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