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BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results : Orangutan hits a 100!

BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results are here for you! Find out all about them here!

BGMI Masters Series

Week 2 of the BGMI Masters Series has been on for a couple days now and we are seeing teams give their best performances yet for a chance at the INR 1.5 Crore Prize Pool!

So far, we had seen OR Esports hold on to the first position from day 1 of the qualifiers but had barely hung on yesterday and it would seem like this time around, we have a new king.

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BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results

As Week 2 Day 3 of the BGMI Masters Series comes to an end, we saw teams ruffling their feathers on one hand, and on the other, we saw other teams compensating for what they had lost in the first couple of days.

Match 1 : The fear of Enigma strikes again!

The first map of the day was on the map of Erangel where teams always make sure they show us the newest and latest plays that they have forged and testing them out in the tournament is one of the best tests of fire.

The match included teams from Groups A and B. Both of which have numerous amazing teams and each of them is capable of doing wonders at any point of the match.

Enigma Gaming

As we were fast approaching the halfway point of Week 2, each point slowly and steadily became more and more crucial for each team and everyone now knew it. It was only a matter of who would be able to handle the pressure better.

As all the teams dropped down to the green lands of Erangel, people were eager to see their favorite teams from Group B perform but it would seem that the match had something entirely else to offer.

As we know, getting the higher ground is always important in Battle Royale games and BGMI is no different in the matter. It was this advantage that won Enigma Gaming the first match of the day after eliminating all four players of 8bit eSports in a long thowables battle followed by a deadly spraydown. Eggy took the MVP Award for Match 1 of Week 2 Day 3 of the BGMI Masters Series

Match 2 : Orangutan swings into the WWCD!

Soon after the first match of the day, the second match started off on the map of Sanhok, the land of heal battles where healables are as important as ammo for your guns. Without them, you might as well be dead.

The groups participating this time around were yet again groups A and B who we had seen play in the first match where Enigma Gaming set up a proper show for us to watch.

Orangutan Gaming

The match was off to a slow start and we saw a similar fashion of fights come into play as we saw slow fights as well during the beginning of the match.

Slowly and steadily, we saw an increased number of teams in a zone that was growing smaller and smaller each and every second which led us to one big moment where everything came down for the match.

As the circle closed smaller and smaller in the final zone, we saw a fabulous four way fight between the four top teams – Orangutan, Chemin Esports, Godlike Esports and OR Esports.

After having low results yet again in the first game, OR Esports were desperately trying to get as many points as they could in the second game of the day but it seemed that WizGod of Orangutan had other plans as he eliminated the last player and took the WWCD for his team after OR Esports’ Aaru took away the MVP Award for the match.

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Match 3 : GodLike brings it back!

The third and last map of the day was the sandy map of Miramar where higher ground matters the most out of all three maps as that is one of the most abundant covers people are going to get in an open desert.

The groups participating this time around were groups B and C which had a lack of top teams making it an even more crucial match for the teams in the middle and the lower positions.

GodLike Esports

One of the most disappointing popular teams had been Godlike Esports. With all the hype behind them, they were surely very badly unable to perform as expected and had slowly been rebuilding their reputation after climbing into the top 4 teams of the match.

The map of Miramar saw the true potential of GodL rise up once again and show it to the world as they displayed impeccable gamesense through their positioning alongside their signature aggressive playstyle which allowed them to hold great spots while also taking out any teams that might approach them from the sidelines to take them down.

Towards the end, GodL made an opportunity for themselves and took it by eliminating the last player from Orangutan who had already taken 13 finishes and ended up with the most amount of points in the game after combined with the 12 points they received for coming in second in the last match of Week 2 Day 3 of the BGMI Masters Series.

Overall Standings

After Week 2’s third day finished up, we saw Orangutan move up to the top after getting a plethora of points in the last two matches alongside Godlike who moved up a whopping 11 positions. With that, following are the overall standings after Week 2 Day 3 comes to an end.

BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results Page 1
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results Page 2
BGMI Masters Series Week 2 Day 3 Results Page 3

With that, the third day of the Week 2 Qualifiers of the BGMI Masters Series came to an end and the next matches will be held tomorrow which can be watched live on Loco, Star Sports 2 and Glance.

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