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BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Day 1 Results : Orangutan takes a dominant swing on the first day!

Here are the results of the BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Day 1! Read More Here!

BGMI Masters Series

The BGMI Masters Series started its third week today after wrapping up with the finals of Week 2 only yesterday.

The players jumped back into the action today on the three different maps of Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok in that exact order and here is how it went!

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BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Day 1 Results

Week 3 of the BGMI Masters Series is here and you can watch it live on Loco, Glance, and of course, Star Sports 2 on national television.

Match 1 : Orangutan start off BGMI Masters Series Week 3 with a bang!

The first match of the day was on none other than Erangel where the green plains always attract severe gunfights and extreme strategic plays.

The match was played by groups A and B which lacked big names such as SouL and Godlike but that did not mean that the matches would not be thrilling.


The match started off slow and soon, when we saw Global eSports and Hyderabadi Hydras, taking advantage of the situation right there were the players of FS Esports who performed an amazing third party and took out Hyderabadi Hydras.

Orangutan were quick in fighting XSpark and wiping them out early in the game after which they went on to take Team XO where at the moment they saw their advantage after knocking a player from XO down, they rushed in to take the rest of the players out to claim their win over them.

OG then proceeded to push Chemin and manage to take down 2 of their players after which OR Esports came in and took down the last player from Chemin Esports.

Orangutan Gaming wins Week 3 Day 1 Match 1 at BGMI Masters Series

Orangutan then proceeded to spot and finish Punkk from Team XO who had been holding his position for way too long hoping it would give him an advantage of going unnoticed.

In the final spraydown between Orangutan and OR Esports, it was Orangutan who came out on top and won themselves the match.

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Match 2 : Chemin Esports clutch out in the last possible second!

The second match of the day and the week was on the map of Miramar, the map where the higher ground always plays a big role in who comes out on top.

The match was yet again played by groups A and B who were now comprised of rising up and comers such as OR and Orangutan who had just taken the WWCD in the previous match.


In the match, Skylightz Gaming managed to steal every viewer’s heart after they were attacked by Team XSpark and lost one player but bounced back harder than ever in revenge and managed to take out 3 players from the alliance of team XSpark.

We also saw an amazing third party come in from Team XO on TSM and Revenant where Revenant took the most damaging blow as they had already lost one player to TSM and then lost two more to Team XO.

Towards the end, we saw Blind eSports take amazing positioning on the top floor of a building from where they also managed to take out FS Esports who were out in the open and were unfortunate enough to not have a lot of cover.

Even though they had the higher ground, the zone favored Chemin Esports who were camped right under a ledge which was in front of the building where BLIND were holding their position.

Chemin Esports wins Week 3 Day 1 Match 2 at BGMI Masters Series

It was Justin along with his teammate, Delta, in the last circle holding the angle on the windows from where BLIND had initially been peeking and it cost Delta a knock.

As he went down, BLIND took it as an opportunity to push down and it was during that time that Justin managed to revive his teammate just in time for BLIND to show up in their crosshairs and sweep them off their feet as Chemin Esports took away the WWCD in the second match of Week 3 of the BGMI Masters Series for themselves in an amazing clutch by Justin.

Match 3 : Orangutan take the lands of Sanhok by storm!

The third match of the day was played on the map of Sanhok and boy was it surely a heal battle. you will understand why we say so soon enough, read on!

The match was between the groups of B and C giving group A their third match of the day alongside big names like SouL and Godlike Esports.

Early on in the match, Paradoxx of Revenant went on a solo excursion to get a few picks out most probably but ended up finding the entire team of Enigma Gaming making him the unfortunate one of the game to be the first one to go down.


A little while later, it was Global eSports’ Nakul who held down an amazing bridge camp against 7Sea Esports who lost 2 players to him before he went down to a nade from the third player.

Team XSpark took out three players from the team of Hyderabadi Hydras but later on got taken out in the most unfortunate way possible as they had taken higher ground and in the process of getting down, found Attankii from OR Esports waiting for them who took no time in eliminating 2 of them and then followed by another while the last player of the team died to fall damage at the dame place as the rest of his mates.

It was Orangutan, however, who truly stole the show yet again as they took on a nade battle with GE and came out on top after knocking down AJ. Soon after, Ash found three players from Revenant helplessly trying to make their way towards land before he found them and took out easy frags.

Orangutan Gaming wins Week 3 Day 1 Match 3 at BGMI Masters Series

In an attempt to reposition, Rony, who was the last player standing for Global eSports was found by the last three players of Orangutan who then took him out easily while 7Sea Prince desperately tried to outheal the players of Orangutan while being out of the zone and died to it before getting his team the second position in the game.

Orangutan took away a well deserved Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the third match as well right after they had done the same in the first one in the beginning too

Overall Standings

The first day of Week 3 of the BGMI Masters Series ended with Orangutan taking away 2 victories early on and topping the table while the rest of the teams followed the order.

BGMI Masters Series Overall rankings after Week 3 Day 1 Qualifiers Page 1
BGMI Masters Series Overall rankings after Week 3 Day 1 Qualifiers Page 2
BGMI Masters Series Overall rankings after Week 3 Day 1 Qualifiers Page 3

With that, Day 1 of the Week 3 qualifiers of the BGMI Masters Series came to an end with an amazing performance by Orangutan, and a disappointing one from big names such as SouL and GodLike.

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