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PMWI (PUBG Mobile World Invitational) 2022: Krafton confirmed the participation of Team Soul and 7Sea

Team Soul and 7SEA are ready to represent their country on the global stage of PUBG Mobile.

PMWI 2022: Krafton confirmed the participation of Team Soul and 7Sea

For the past few days after the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) ban fans speculated that team Soul and 7Sea are not participating in the PMWI (PUBG Mobile World Invitational). And Krafton is not open about the confirmation until now, but today Krafton confirmed the news of the participation of Team Soul and 7SEA in PMWI 2022.

The coach of team Soul “SoulAmit” also said on stream to wait for the announcement from Krafton “The preparation of PMWI is going well behind the scenes. Other things like studying rotations of the global teams and making strategies against them are something that can’t be discussed publicly on the stream,” said Amit.

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Team Soul and 7SEA esports are boarding for Riyadh to play PMWI 2022

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022

Team Soul is the dominant team from the India region in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series 2022 from where they get the slot in PMWI 2022. The team showed pure dominance over other teams and grabbed the first position and also the opportunity to represent their country at the international level.

If we talk about 7SEA participation in PMWI, the team is shown in the action in Afterparty matches. But with a surprise element from Krafton Scout is also joining the team to play the tournament with 7SEA.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022

PMWI (PUBG Mobile World Invitational) 2022 Format & Schedule

PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022 tournament will be held between August 11 and August 20 and the event is divided into two weeks. The first week is called the main event which is scheduled from Aug 11 to 13, this week total of 18 invited teams will play the matches.

The second week of the tournament is called After Party Showdown in which a total of 12 teams is going to compete, top 5 teams from the first week of PMWI, 6 teams from chosen regions, and one special invite, 2 event schedule to held from 18 Aug to 20 Aug.

Main Event: August 11 to 13

  1. Morph (Indonesia)
  2. Box Gaming (Vietnam)
  3. Vampire Esports (Thailand)
  4. 4Rivals (MY/SG/PH)
  5. DenizBank Wildcats (Türkiye)
  6. VIVO KEYD (Brazil)
  7. Aton Esports (Latin America)
  8. 52 Esports (Pakistan)
  9. Stalwart Esports (South Asia)
  10. Nigma Galaxy (Arabia)
  11. Virtual Gaming Squad (Africa)
  12. TJB Esports EU (Western Europe)
  13. Back2Back (North America)
  14. REGAN.S GAMING (China)
  15. DWG KIA (South Korea)
  16. DONUTS USG (Japan)
  17. Team SouL (India)
  18. Team Falcons (KSA)

Afterparty Showdown: August 18 to 20

  1. RA’AD (Egypt)
  2. Deadeyes Guys (Nepal)
  3. Bigetron Red Aliens (Indonesia)
  4. S2G Esports (Türkiye)
  5. ALPHA 7 ESPORTS (Brazil)
  6. Main Tournament Team #1
  7. Main Tournament Team #2
  8. Main Tournament Team #3
  9. Main Tournament Team #4
  10. Main Tournament Team #5
  11. 7SEA Esports (BMSD 2022 Winner, India)
  12. R8 Esports (KSA) (Special invite)

PMWI 2022 Prize Pool

The total prize money of this tournament is $3 million and is divided into two parts week 1 (Main Event) $2 million, and week 2 (After Party Showdown) $1 million.

Where to watch PMWI 2022!

The event will be streamed on PUBG Mobile Official Youtube Channel and Facebook.

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