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BGMI The Grind Scrims: Day 3 Overall standings

The third day of BGMI The Grind Scrims has been concluded. Hyderabad Hydras are currently leading the score board. Here are the overall standings.

BGMI The Grind Scrims Day 3

The third day of the league stage of BGMI The Grind Scrims came to an end just now. Hyderabad Hydras maintained their excellent performance to finish the third day of the tournament at first position with 112 points and 58 finishes. OR eSports which didn’t much luck at the tournament yesterday finished at the second position with a total of 100 points on board and 54 finishes. Orangutan Gaming at the third spot with 96 points had the highest chicken dinners at the tournament as of now.

Team XSpark made a great comeback at third day of BGMI The Scrims as they climbed up to the fifth position. With a total of 44 elimination points, they are looking forward to make it to the top sixteen positions. GodLike Esports slipped at the ninth position as they didn’t have a good start at the third day of the Scrims. Fan favorite Team Soul are left at the fifteenth position and are expecting to amp up their performance.

BGMI The Grind Scrims Day 3 Results

Overall standings 1

The first match took place at Erangel with teams from group B and D. Team XSpark registered their first chicken dinner of the tournament with 15 finishes. UDOG India were also the top performers of the first match as they finished at the second place with 8 finishes. Team Incognito came at the third position with 1 frag, however their rank points were remarkably good.

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Overall standings 2

The second match of the day took place at rain forest map Sanhok between teams from group C and A. Hydra officials were the champions of this match as they eliminated Owais, the last player of Team Forever. Owais from Team Forever took a whopping 10 finishes at this match but was unfortunately surrounded by the players of Hydra at the end. Enigma Gaming and 7Sea Esports got eliminated at the third and fourth positions respectively. Both the teams took a decent number of finishes to keep their hopes alive for the grand finals.

Overall standings 3

The third match of BGMI The Grind Scrims Day 3 took place between rising teams such as Chemin Esports and Team XO. Big teams such OR Esports and XSpark were also present making the viewers more curious. UDOG India played exceptionally to keep their whole team alive. After engaging in a 2 vs 4 situation with Team Xspark, UDOG India’s accurate jiggles and presence of mind helped them to eliminate Team Xspark swiftly. Chemin Esports was placed at the third position but they were only able to secure one frag.

Overall standings 4

The fourth match of the day was again played at Sanhok which was quite interesting as Sanhok is not chosen much for Competitive. Team XSpark again made it to the top 4 teams but OR Esports gave them a tough competition at the end. Aditya and Vexe with a perfect team work eliminated the whole team of XSpark and secured the chicken dinner with 8 finishes. The last match of BGMI The Grind Scrims Day 3 was won by Hyderabad Hydras with 9 finishes. Team Soul’s Regaltos was the last player alive from the team and got eliminated at the second position.

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