BREAKING: Rockstar Games developer’s son leaks GTA 6 footage just few days ahead of official trailer release

Rockstar Games might have a new speed bump on its way to release the highly anticipated GTA 6 with new leaks surfacing all over the internet.

BREAKING: Rockstar Games developer’s son leaks GTA 6 footage just few days ahead of official trailer release

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most beloved franchises among the gaming fanatics. Fans have a different emotion when it comes to Rockstar Games’ crime world. This is the reason why people are eagerly waiting for the 6th instalment of the franchise, GTA 6. Rockstar Games just a few days ago revealed the release date of the official trailer of the game but now tragedy has hit them. Some new GTA 6 leaks are surfacing on social media.

Fans are well aware of the 2022’s GTA 6 leak which potentially pushed the release date of GTA 6. But now, one of the Rockstar Games dev’s son has allegedly leaked some new details about GTA 6. This has made huge waves in the community as it happened just 3 days before the official release of the official trailer.


This is very unfortunate for Rockstar Games and GTA 6 fans as it might affect the release of the game itself.

Rockstar Games is racing to wipe all GTA 6 leaks

The leak came out from the TikTok account of the son of Aaron Garbut, Head of Development at the Rockstar Games. In the leaked footage, fans can see the debug menu which appears to be the early version of GTA 6. Some new areas are explored in these leaks which weren’t in the first slew of leaks. For example, the leaked footage showed the Downtown area of Vice City.

BREAKING: Rockstar Games developer's son leaks GTA 6 footage a few days ahead of official trailer release
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There are multiple screenshots of conversation with Aaron that are going viral on social media which confirms the validity of GTA 6 leaks. He also confirmed that there will be 3 major cities and 4 sub cities in GTA 6. Now coming to leaks, It seemed like the user was in the creator mode, hovering over the Vice City. If fans manage to see the leaks before Rockstar Games nukes them from all over the internet, they can see the city looks fabulous with the beautiful skyline.


Now, there’s also a notion going on that Aaron’s son didn’t leak GTA 6 himself but someone did this from his TikTok account. Fans are also speculating that Aaron Garbut might also get fired for this, however, he holds a very high position in Rockstar Games. If he indeed gets fired, it will just take chaos in Rockstar Games to the next level. Now fans are awaiting the aftermath of this unfortunate event which can surely affect the GTA 6 release in one way or another.

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