“Don’t ever come at me like that,” BruceDropEmOff calls out Mizkif shortly after resigning from OTK

BruceDropEmOff called out Mizkif shortly after resigning from OTK on January 24.

“Don’t ever come at me like that,” BruceDropEmOff calls out Mizkif shortly after resigning from OTK

BruceDropEmOff resigns from OTK (Image via BruceDropEmOff)

BruceDropEmOff recently took to Twitter on January 24 to announce that he was parting ways with One True King. However, in a mysterious turn of events, he began slandering ex-OTK founder, Mizkif, on his stream, claiming that the streamer was sending him random messages that he did not appreciate.

BruceDropEmOff announced his departure from One True King in a simple tweet, where he had a seemingly wholesome exchange with the organization. However, he went off on Mizkif on his stream after his resignation after the latter sent him text messages that rubbed him off the wrong way.


During his January 25 livestream, Bruce disappeared from the screen for some time. After his return, however, he simply started ranting against Mizkif, claiming that he stood by the streamer despite the various allegations against him. Bruce continued his rant, telling Mizkif to never send him texts like that. But he followed it up saying that the ex-OTK founder could not text him even if he wanted to, since Bruce had blocked him.

“Mizkif, stop texting my phone, you are blocked b*tch a*s. Don’t ever come at me like that ever a day in your f*ckin life. I did way more for you than I was ever supposed to. You’re supposed to be sending good energy.”

He continued saying that he should have left the organization when Mizkif was facing various allegations of being racist and covering up s*xual assault.


“I should have left when your b*tch a*s got exposed… You are weird as f*ck. There’s no drama it’s just weird energy because I left.”

Bruce left OTK less than a year after having joined. Even in his tweet, he did not provide any reason for resigning. He simply thanked the organization, and left it at that.

So far, neither Mizkif nor Bruce have provided an update or response to this rant.


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Mizkif received various allegations prior to BruceDropEmOff’s resignation

brucedropemoff mizkif otk
Mizkif (Image via Mizkif/Twitch)

2022 did not end very well for Mizkif. The streamer faced turbulent waters when the community accused him of being racist on several occasions. Along with this, he also received accusations of being part of the Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick s*xual assault controversy.

He allegedly helped CrazySlick cover up the incident, which resulted in OTK removing him from the organization for some time. However, the lawyer OTK hired proved that Mizkif had no involvement in the incident, which led to Mizkif getting back his position as a member of OTK, but he is no longer one of the founders.


Throughout these turbulent times, BruceDropEmOff had stood by Mizkif, supporting his fellow organization member. However, it seems like things are not the same between the two after Bruce’s departure from the organization.

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