Call of Duty Cheat Makers Are Being Sued by Activision

Activision has filed a lawsuit against Call of Duty cheat-maker EngineOwning, seeking to accuse the organization of racketeering.

Call of Duty Cheat Makers Are Being Sued by Activision
Activision is suing Call of Duty cheat makers EngineOwning

Activision seeks to prosecute Call of Duty cheat makers EngineOwning for racketeering in an ongoing trial. With Call of Duty’s latest installment, Modern Warfare 2, due for release at the end of October, hackers are already running riot in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta. Activision has decided to take action against the developer of the cheat codes in light of these events.

Hackers and cheaters are an ongoing problem not only for gamers, but also for gaming companies. Many developers and publishers are looking for alternative ways to punish hackers that a simple ban cannot achieve. Some companies have gone the other way, only allowing hackers to face each other in lobbies full of other hackers. Just as Ubisoft and Bungie filed lawsuits against cheat sellers, Activision is also turning to law enforcement.

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Activision Sues Call of Duty Cheat Makers EngineOwning Following Poor Cheat Protection

Call of Duty Cheat Makers Are Being Sued by Activision
Modern Warfare 2 release on October 28

Activision has filed a lawsuit in California against named individuals of EngineOwning, the German-based group responsible for developing popular Call of Duty cheats. The charges in the lawsuit include a variety of wrongdoings, including racketeering and operating a business on illegally obtained proceeds. Activision is suing based on allegations that EngineOwning, through its company, conspired against publishers to sell cheats and manipulated them with the intent to undermine the Call of Duty series.

Attempts have been made to combat the use of these codes in-game, such as making Warzone players invincible if cheaters are detected, but the presence of hackers still undermines the integrity of multiplayer games. Extortion charges were added based on the size of EngineOwning’s business, as EngineOwning is not a single centralized company distributing these codes.

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EngineOwning reportedly maintains a network of agents who sell on behalf of the company in exchange for a portion of its profits. A lawsuit is ongoing, but no action has been taken against the cheat creator at this time. Hackers are running riot in multiplayer games, so it’s refreshing to see measures being taken not only against hackers, but also against those who developed them.


Developer Infinity Ward previously pledged to take action against cheaters in the beta of MW2, but now Activision is also actively taking action, which is good to see. Cheaters and hackers get bold and even attack anti-cheat systems with their usernames. By tackling the root of the problem in such a proactive way, fans can hope to see fewer of such cheaters in Call of Duty in the future.

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