Can Free Fire Diamond Generators Get You Banned? All You Need To Know

Diamond generators are the websites used to add diamonds in Free Fire. Here we will take a look at can Free Fire diamond generators get you banned.

Free Fire Diamond Generators
Free Fire Diamond Generators

Garena Free Fire offers a ton of exclusive costume bundles skins and more to players in exchange for diamonds. Here in this article, we will take a look at all you need to know about can Free Fire diamond generators get you banned?

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency of Garena Free Fire which can be used to exchange for premium gun skins and costume bundles. Diamonds can be purchased using real money. This makes it a bit harder for players who want everything for free. Let’s take a look at can Free Fire diamond generators get you banned and all you need to know.

Can Free Fire Diamond Generators Get You Banned?

Free Fire Hack Generator Legal or Not
Free Fire Diamond Generators

There are diamond generators like and more which claim to provide free unlimited diamonds to players accounts. These top-up websites at first ask for players to enter their either username or UID and then enter the desired no. of diamonds.

They want and click on generate button which will then fetch diamonds to their Free Fire Account. However, many of these websites don’t work and hold chances of fraud and information theft as well.

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The real question is it safe to use such diamond generators and the simple answer to that is no. It is not safe to use any diamond generator in Free Fire as Garena’s policy of terms clearly states that the use of any third-party application or website to cheat or generate diamonds is completely illegal.

Diamond Generator Policy
Free Fire Policy

Also, players who use third-party sources will receive a permanent account ban and in the worst case, your device may also get banned. So even, if these diamond generators work it, is still not good to use them and get banned permanently.

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