Charleston White BLASTS Adin Ross and threatens to rob and r*pe her sister after engaging in a heated argument with IZIPrime

Did Charleston White went too far?

Charleston White BLASTS Adin Ross and threatens to rob and r*pe her sister after engaging in a heated argument with IZIPrime

Charleston White has been popping off lately in the streaming community. It all began after Adin Ross had invited him on stream. In that stream alone, he started gaining traction with the community after dissing the Island Boys. Later on, he joined Adin on stream once again.

During their time together, they had done a lot. Along with IZIPrime, Charleston seemed to be getting along fine with both of them. All this until, following up recently in the next stream, they get together to have lunch. This time around, IZIPrime and Charleston started arguing. It eventually led to them shouting and being separated.

Following this, they parted ways, and Adin despite having done very little during their scuffle,. He was left out on bad terms with both IZIPrime and Charleston White. This prompted Charleston to go live and address the issue in not such a positive way as a social activist would.

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Charleston White goes OFF on Adin Ross

Charleston White threatens to rob and r*pe Adin Ross's sister Naomi Ross after engaging in a heated argument with IZIPrime
Image via Charleston White/Instagram

Right after the scuffle with IZIPrime, Adin escorted Charleston White. Following that, Charleston White went live on Instagram and started going off on Adin. Adin did not think things went so downhill, as he was with Ricegum when he heard the news. Charleston had said:

“After killing a white man, I don’t want no Jew giving me the worm. Just show me what you know, Jew. You can’t give me shit, n***a. Especially not a f****t jew”. The fallout seemed to be unclear as Adin had not said much during the scuffle between Charleston and Prime. However, fans speculated that Charleston felt disrespected by the way Adin behaved and did not take sides.

He then goes on to say “Yea motherf***in jew can’t give me sh*t. I’ll rob and r**e his sister before I take anything from a good *** jew. N***a f*** is you talkin’ bout’ n***a we go back to r*ping white girls before we go to talking about taking something from a motherf***in jew.”. He goes on to say “I’m an ignorant motherf***er n***a don’t give a d*** bout’ a jew, n***a we killed a white man when I was a baby. Stood over watched that motherf***er die, n***a. Grew up r*ping white girls you think I give a f*** bout’ a jew giving me something n***a.”

This bizarrely wild reaction from Charleston was far from expected, as fans were in doubt whether Prime and Charleston were faking it for the views. However, a dispute between Charleston and Adin was far from expected. Adin and Charleston seemed to be getting along well and Charleston even jokingly granted Adin the ‘N-word pass‘ at one point. However, after Instagram Live, it seems as though that is now buried in the past.

Fans react to the wild incident

The unexpected incident was quite the show. Even Adin had claimed he was ‘worried’. He had come to Las Vegas to get a break and thus invited Charleston, but after Charleston expressed his rage on Adin, it was evident his night was ruined by the wrong emotions. Fans have to wait and see how things will go.

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