Watch: Cheesur GOES OFF on MrBeast’s friend Kris Tyson for being a transgender

Cheesur goes off the rails and calls MrBeast's friends Kris Tyson disgusting and a 'tr**ny'

Watch: Cheesur GOES OFF on MrBeast’s friend Kris Tyson for being a transgender

Cheesur and Kris Tyson(Image via X)

Controversial Kick streamer Cheesur goes on a bizarre rant again this time on MrBeast’s friend Kris Tyson. Cheesur is known for stating his bizarre opinions unapologetically. Furthermore, he took things too far once again and talked about how disgusted he was by Kris. He further claimed that he respected Mr Beast but did not like him giving Kris so much screen time.

Cheesur and Adin Ross are friends and were together in the streaming group SSB before Adin decided to leave. However, despite the friendship Cheesur did not shy away from going on bizarre rants about Adin’s ethnicity. Furthermore, he previously claimed that according to him ‘Hitler had a vision‘ leaving Adin Ross speechless.

Cheesur had even gone off on US President Joe Biden. He had bizarrely claimed to want to snipe Biden and be the saviour of America. However, he apologized for it after getting a lot of hate and threats.

Cheesur goes bizarre off the rails on MrBeast’s friend Kris Tyson and claims that he is disgusted by his appearance

Kris Tyson, in the past year, went from being a man with a wife and children to transitioning into a woman. This shocked everyone as it all happened almost instantly.

Furthermore, Kris had talked about the amount of hate he was getting over his transition. However, MrBeast despite being sad over losing a friend still supports Kris.

Cheesur on Kris Tyson
Cheesur going off on MrBeast’s friend Kris Tyson (Image via

“Let’s bring some light to the truth of the guy that left his own kid and his wife, then f**king cut his d**k off. I can’t even eat when I watch a MrBeast video anymore, on god himself! So, if you think I’m saying this for the stream, listen to me. On my mother’s heartbeat, I mean this is what I’m about to say in the next two minutes. No takebacks. No crosses count. I mean this with my whole entire heart.”

Cheesur on via stream

Cheesur was not happy by this and started off pretty strong claiming that he wanted to talk about the guy he left his family.

Furthermore, he claimed that he was disgusted because of Kris every time he watched a MrBeast video. The Kick streamer further doubled down and claimed that he meant all this with his whole life and even swore on his mother.

“I cannot eat when I watch a MrBeast video anymore. I ain’t going to lie. I respect MrBeast, but I ain’t going to lie, bro, that’s kind of crazy. Look! See it! Why is Chandler not in every cutscene anymore? I swear to god! He doesn’t talk! There’s no more scenes of Chandler! Now it’s the… watch! The f**king tr**ny. The first scene on the MrBeast video is the f**king…”

He then talked about how MrBeast’s other friend Chandler was not getting as much screen time as Kris. Furthermore, he went on and called Kris a ‘tr**ny’.

He even spoke on how he thinks this is promoting ‘transgender sh*t’ to kids as MrBeast has a young audience. However, surprisingly, a lot of people joined in with Cheesur to hate Kris.

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