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Corpse Husband face reveal breaks internet!

Did he just revealed his face, if yes then this will surely break the internet, Checkout the article to know more.

Corpse Husband has grown to become one of the most popular streamers over the last few years. Although the streamer has been on YouTube for quite some time, he rose to fame during the Among Us era.He has always kept his appearance a mystery. Although there have been some alleged face leaks, thus far, the streamer has successfully kept his identity a secret.

Corpse Husband recently took to Twitter to celebrate his song ‘E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!’ hitting 200 million streams on Spotify. He shared his achievement along with a 2 second video of his shadow, which has sent his fans into a frenzy.

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Twitter goes into a frenzy as Corpse Husband shares his ‘shadow reveal’

Corpse Husband’s appearance has been a matter of great curiosity for all his fans, so the streamer teasing his fans with a shadow reveal yielded the expected result. Fans on Twitter could not control their excitement, sharing the clip on their own pages as well.

Corpse Husband face reveal breaks internet! 2

Not many streamers have met Corpse face to face, with Sykkuno being one of the few streamers who have. Corpse had earlier stated that he was not very comfortable with his appearance, which is why he had opted for a faceless identity.

However, it is great to see the streamer slowly becoming more and more comfortable with revealing details about his appearance, especially after the entire Corpse Husband face reveal controversy.

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