Creator of the Year award winner MrBeast reveals why he didn’t show up at Streamy Awards 2023

This is the fourth time in a row MrBeast is receiving this award!

Creator of the Year award winner MrBeast reveals why he didn’t show up at Streamy Awards 2023

(credits: Streamy Awards & mrbeast on Instagram)

The Streamy Award 2023 was really amazing, hosting many streamers and content creators! The award show featured over 40 categories and featured several well-known streamers and content creators. Even the Best Variety Streamer prize went to IShowSpeed. Furthermore, the entire show was brimming with hustle and bustle. However, fans could not find MrBeast, the creator who won the Creator of the Year award, anywhere!


There were many streamers in the award show who won big time. Kai Cenat received the Streamer of the Year award twice in a row. Furthermore, in the race to receive the Creator of the Year award, MrBeast was in a tough competition between JiDion, Charli D’Amelio, and even Logan Paul, amongst others. However, with his world record-breaking videos recently, MrBeast got the award.

MrBeast has been pumping in loads of content on his YouTube channel. Moreover, this has got his popularity through the charts. And receiving an award for his content really pays homage to all his hard work. However, fans are wondering how the YouTuber didn’t show up to the Streamy Awards 2023 to receive the award himself!

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MrBeast failing to show up at the Streamy Awards 2023

Creator of the Year award winner MrBeast reveals why he didn't show up at Streamy Awards 2023
YouTuber MrBeast not showing up to receive his Creator of the Year award at Streamy Awards 2023 (credits: Streamy Awards)

MrBeast received the Creator of the Year award at the Streamy Awards 2023, that too, for the fourth time in a row. However, despite being presented with such a huge award, the YouTuber failed to show up. Furthermore, other famous internet personalities called out MrBeast over his no-show at the award show.

And Jimmy responded to it by claiming that he was busy with videos. MrBeast said, “I’m filming videos.” It didn’t come off as a surprise to fans, as the YouTuber recently claimed how his mental health had taken a dip due to making videos. Jimmy has stated recently that his filming schedule has been so overwhelming due to the subscriber race against T-Series and posting almost weekly that he can’t get free time from work.

So, it’s understandable for fans to know that the YouTuber had been engaged in making content for them. Moreover, there’s also an ongoing VDC $100 Million lawsuit against MrBeast. However, despite all that, fans still continue to love Jimmy’s videos and the hard work he puts into them. So not only is the YouTuber deserving of the award, but can also be cut some slack since he’s devoting himself to his viewers.

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