Cristiano Ronaldo fan IShowSpeed leaks KSI’s phone number yet again after the latter roasts him with Lionel Messi Ballon d’or

IShowSpeed struck back at KSI for roasting Cristiano Ronaldo after Prime's new announcement.

Cristiano Ronaldo fan IShowSpeed leaks KSI’s phone number yet again after the latter roasts him with Lionel Messi Ballon d’or

In the realm of social media, clashes between popular influencers and their fans are not uncommon. Recently, YouTuber KSI found himself embroiled in a rather unpleasant exchange with IShowSpeed. The incident unfolded when KSI took to Twitter to celebrate Prime’s partnership with FC Barcelona.


It’s no secret that IShowSpeed is a devoted fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. The tweet included an image of KSI proudly posing next to Lionel Messi’s jersey and his collection of Ballon d’Or awards. Little did KSI know that this seemingly innocent gesture would trigger IShowSpeed to retaliate. This came in the form of IShowSpeed publicly leaking KSI’s phone number.

KSI, along with his business partner Logan Paul, has been making significant strides in the sports and entertainment industry through their brand, Prime Hydration. The recent sponsorship deal between Prime and FC Barcelona cemented their position as key players in the market.

To celebrate the partnership, KSI shared a photo on Twitter. The photo featured himself alongside Lionel Messi’s jersey and his prestigious Ballon d’Or awards. The caption playfully took a shot at Ronaldo having fewer Ballon d’ors than Messi, further igniting the competitive spirit between fans of Messi and Ronaldo.


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IShowSpeed strikes back at KSI for taking a dig at Cristiano Ronaldo


Being an ardent supporter of Cristiano Ronaldo, IShowSpeed did not take kindly to KSI’s post. Seizing the opportunity to retaliate, he swiftly responded to the tweet by publicly sharing KSI’s phone number. This act was not the first of its kind. iShowSpeed has previously accidentally leaked KSI’s number on 2 separate occasions.

While leaks of personal information can be distressing for individuals involved, it is essential to remember the broader implications. Instances like these highlight the challenges faced by public figures. This sometimes leads to privacy breaches and unwanted attention. Additionally, the incident sheds light on the fervent loyalty and passion exhibited by sports fans. However, this loyalty can sometimes result in heated exchanges and even hostile behavior.

As KSI and IShowSpeed’s ongoing feud continues to captivate their respective fan bases, it serves as a reminder of the power and influences social media platforms hold. With their words and actions reaching millions of people instantly, influencers must navigate this digital landscape with caution, while fans should exercise restraint and respect for boundaries.


The clash between KSI and IShowSpeed over KSI’s playful post celebrating Prime Hydration’s sponsorship with FC Barcelona has once again thrust the duo into the spotlight. The leaking of personal information, particularly phone numbers, remains a concerning issue in the digital age, emphasizing the need for responsible behavior and mutual respect within online communities. As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how both KSI and IShowSpeed will address this incident and whether it will serve as a turning point in their ongoing online rivalry.

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