CS: GO BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Teams, Format, schedule, and more

Stay updated with the CS: GO Paris Major 2023.

CS: GO BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Teams, Format, schedule, and more

Blast.tv CS: GO Paris Major

The BLAST.tv Paris Major is set to be the final CS: GO Major championship, marking the end of a decade-long run for the popular esports game. Despite the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2 in the summer of 2023, Valve has hinted at the possibility of a CS2 Major in 2024. This is the first time, probably since the first major, that there is no favorite to win the tournament, which makes it even more exciting.

The game’s fundamentals have remained unchanged since its inception, and it has stood the test of time as a balanced esports game. The BLAST Paris Major will be a groundbreaking event in many ways, as it marks the first time the Danish tournament organizer will host CS: GO’s most prestigious tournament.

Additionally, it will be the first CS: GO Major hosted in France, a country known for producing elite players, including three two-time Major winners. The Challengers Stage will kick off the Major, featuring 16 of the 24 teams in attendance. Eight teams will go through to the Legends stage, joining the top-seeded teams. Valve introduced the three-stage format in 2018, and the event will take place between May 8 and 21. The Champions Stage will be held at the Accor Arena, with tickets still available for purchase. 

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Everything to know about the Blast.tv Paris Major

Blast.tv CS: GO Paris Major

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CS: GO‘s BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 will feature three stages, where teams will compete to become the ultimate champions of the game.

The Challengers Stage, taking place from May 8 to May 11, 2023, will see eight Contenders teams and eight Challengers teams battling it out in a 16-team Swiss System Format. Matches will be played in a mix of best-of-one and best-of-three formats. The top eight teams will advance to the Legends Stage, while the bottom eight teams will be eliminated from the tournament.

The Legends Stage, from May 13 to May 16, 2023, will feature the eight teams who made it through the Challengers Stage and the seven Legends teams from Europe, and one from the Americas. The matches will follow the same 16-team Swiss System Format and best-of-three formats for advancements and eliminations. The top eight teams from this stage will move on to the Champions Stage.

The Champions Stage is the final stage of the tournament and will take place from May 18 to May 21, 2023. The eight qualified teams will compete in a single elimination bracket with all matches set to be best-of-three. The last team standing will be crowned as the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 champions.

  • Challengers Stage: May 8-11
  • Legends Stage: May 13-16
  • Champions Stage: May 18-21

Further details will be added as the matches progress.

All the teams in the Blast.tv Paris Major

Twenty-four teams have secured their spot in the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, with organizers dividing them into the Legends, Challengers, and Contenders categories. Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournaments in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas will determine the 24 teams attending the Paris Major.

Legends teams

TeamsPlayer Names
Natus Vinceres1mple, electroNic, b1t, npl, Perfecto
HeroiccadiaN, stavn, TeSeS, sjuush, Jabbi
FURIAarT, yuurih, KSCERATO, drop, saffee
FnaticKRIMZ, mezii, FASHR, nicoodo, roeJ
9INEKEi, Goofy, Kylar, mynio, hades
Into The Breachrallen, Thomas, CRUC1AL, CYPHER, volt
VitalityZywOo, apEX, Magisk, dupreeh, Spinx
Bad News EaglesSENER1, juanflatroo, gxx-, sinnopsyy, rigoN

Challengers teams

TeamsPlayer Names
MonteWoro2k, sdy, BOROS, kRaSnaL, DemQQ
paiNbiguzera, hardzao, NEKIZ, zevy, skullz
G2 EsportsNiKo, huNter-, m0NESY, jks, HooXi
GamerLegionacoR, siuhy, isak, iM, Keoz
FORZEJerry, Krad, zorte, shalfey, r3salt
Apeksnawwk, STYKO, jkaem, jL, kyxsan
NIPREZ, Brollan, k0nfig, Aleksib, headtr1ck
OGdegster, NEOFRAG, niko, flameZ, F1KU

The contenders

Teams Player Names
ENCESnappi, dycha, maden, SunPayus, NertZ
MOUZ (Mousesports)frozen, JDC, xertioN, dexter, torzsi
Complexityfloppy, Grim, hallzerk, JT, FaNg
GrayhoundINS, Liazz, Sico, Vexite, aliStair
Fluxofelps, vsm, Lucaozy, WOOD7, history
TheMongolzbLitz, hasteka, Techno, Annihilation, Bart4k

LiquidEliGE, NAF, nitr0, oSee, YEKINDAR
FaZe Clankarrigan, rain, ropz, Twistzz, broky


May 8th

May 8Monte vs FaZe ClanFaZe won
May 8paiN vs FluxopaiN won
May 8G2 vs TheMongolZG2 won
May 8GamerLegion vs ComplexityComplexity won
May 8FORZE vs GrayhoundGrayhound won
May 8Apeks vs LiquidApeks won
May 8Ninjas in Pyjamas vs MOUZNip won
May 8OG vs ENCEEnce won
May 8FaZe vs paiNFaZe won
May 8Complexity vs G2G2 won
May 8Ence vs NIPEnce won
May 8Apeks vs GrayhoundApeks won
May 8Fluxo vs MonteMonte won
May 8GamerLegion vs The MongolzThe Mongolz won
May 8Forze vs LiquidForze won
May 8Mouz vs OGOG won

May 9th

May 9Complexity vs paiNpaiN won4-15
May 9Grayhound vs The MonglolzGrayhound won16-10
May 9Forze vs MonteForze won16-6
May 9Ninjas in Pyjamas vs OGNIP won19-17
May 9Ence vs FazeFaZe won 2-1 (BO3)
May 9Gamer Legion vs MouzGamer Legion won2-0 (BO3)
May 9Apeks vs G2G2 won 0-2 (BO3)
May 9Fluxo vs LiquidLiquid won1-2 (BO3)

May 10th

Date TeamsResultsScore(BO3)
May 10Gamer Legion vs OGGamer Legion won2-1
May 10TheMongolz vs MonteMonte won0-2
May 10Complexity vs LiquidLiquid won0-2
May 10Grayhound vs Ninjas in PyjamasNIP won0-2
May 10FaZe vs ForzeFaZe won2-0
May 10Apeks vs paiNApeks won2-1

May 11

DateTeamsResults Score(BO3)
May 11Forze vs GamerLegionGamerLegion won0-2
May 11Monte vs paiNMonte won21
May 11Grayhound vs LiquidLiquid won0-2

May 13

DateTeamsResultsScore (BO1)
May 13Navi vs GamerLegionNavi won16-10
May 139INE vs LiquidLiquid won9-16
May 13Furia vs MonteMonte won7-16
May 13fnatic vs Ninjas in PyjamasFnatic won16-11
May 13Heroic vs FaZeHeroic won16-7
May 13Into the Breach vs ApeksApeks won10-16
May 13Vitality vs G2Vitality won16-13
May 13Bad News Eagles vs EnceEnce won9-16
May 13Liquid vs NaviLiquid won16-8
May 13Fnatic vs MonteMonte won17-19
May 13Vitality vs EnceVitality won16-13
May 13Heroic vs ApeksHeroic won16-10
May 13Furia vs Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas won8-16
May 139INE vs GamerLegionGamerLegion won13-16
May 13Bad News Eagles vs G2Bad News Eagels won16-13
May 13FaZe vs Into the BreachInto the Breach won12-16

May 14

Date Teams Results Score
May 14Navi vs Ninjas in PyjamasNavi won16-9
May 14Fnatic vs GamerLegionGamerLegion won11-16
May 14Ence vs Into the BreachInto the Breach won7-16
May 14Apeks vs Bad News EagelsAepks won16-6
May 14Monte vs Vitality Vitality won0-2 (BO3)
May 14Heroic vs LiquidHeroic won2-1 (BO3)
May 149INE vs FaZeFaZe won0-2 (BO3)
May 14Furia vs G2G2 won0-2 (BO3)

Where to watch the CS: GO Blast Paris Major

You can view CS: GO Blast Paris Major on the official Blast Premiere YouTube channel or these Twitch channels

Also, you can follow your favorite Twitch streamers who stream CS: GO regularly. As this is the last Major for CS: GO fans have mixed feelings about it but as the name suggests it will certainly be a blast. Next year Valve has proposed that the Major will feature CS2.

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