Dillon Danis takes an uncalled SHOT at MrBeast and bashes him for helping out 9/11 victims for publicity

Dillon Danis chooses MrBeast as his next victim

Dillon Danis takes an uncalled SHOT at MrBeast and bashes him for helping out 9/11 victims for publicity

The internet’s villain seems to have found a new target. Dillon Danis has once again let loose on X. This time however, it does not involve his opponent Logan Paul, who he is set to face on October 14th on the Misfits PRIME Card. Instead, it happens to be the philanthropist and the second most subscribed YouTuber, MrBeast.

The BJJ champion has been trending every other day for 2 months. Ever since being announced to fight Logan Paul in a boxing bout, he has been posting on Twitter nonstop, hoping to mentally break his opponent before they step foot in the ring. This has been so significantly effective, as his Twitter handle was recorded to have reached 2 billion views in the past month alone!

Despite reportedly being sued by Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, Dillon Danis has not taken a step back. He tweeted that even if he is forced to pull out of the match, he will not stop and only go harder at them. However, just recently, he has surprisingly and unexpectedly taken shots at Mr. Beast.

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MrBeast linking up and training with Logan Paul
MrBeast linking up and training with Logan Paul

On Memorial Day of September 11, it was trending on X (previously Twitter) along with the Twin Towers. Next to it, MrBeast was also supposedly trending with it. Dillon Danis took to X to address a trending tweet of the three hashtags with the caption “WHAT DID MRBEAST DO”. Along with it, he put a surprising caption underneath it that had fans shocked.

Dillon wrote amusingly “Probably giving money away to victims of 9/11 and their families, only if they stay in a circle for 7 days without lifting a finger while recording the whole thing.” It is not sure whether he was joking or firing shots at the YouTuber. The two have not crossed paths before, especially not in a negative manner. However, Mr. Beast had recently linked up and trained with Logan Paul.

MrBeast has been criticized in the past for making money by making videos helping the less fortunate. Earlier in his YouTube career, he used to throw down the money to surprise people and make content out of it. But in the past few months, he has been helping people with various difficulties, like helping people see again. It is a great step indeed but making a whole video about it for content is hurting his image.

Many fans, however, found the tweet by Dillon fitting and funny. Others were trolling him for being jealous of Mr. Beast’s wealth. However, Mr. Beast has yet to respond, and neither has Dillon Danis further responded to that tweet. Recently, footage was released of his sparring session, showing Dillon’s preparation against Logan Paul.

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