“He’s having a good time” Disguised Toast annoys Miyoung’s dog

This article talks about how Disguised Toast was annoying Miyoung's dog and by extension was annoying her as well

disguised toast and miyoung
Disguised toast and Miyoung 'kkatamina'

Disguised Toast and Miyoung stream a lot together, so much so that fans believe that they might be dating. Recently Miyoung ‘kkatamina’ had given toast a Christmas present on his stream which was wrapped in layers of duct tape and even after Toast opened it he was disappointed with the end result while she laughed. It would be apparent that someone like Toast would not let that slide easily so he got back at her by trying to annoy her dog.

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What did Disguised Toast do with the dog?

Toast picked up her dog ‘Nabi’ after which she asked him “What are you doing?” and he replied “We’re not done yet” as he proceeded to make the dog dance using his hands. Nabi looked extremely confused and was probably wondering what it had done to deserve such a treatment. He decided to go along with the treatment because from his face one could deduce that the dog realised that he didn’t have much of a choice and accepted his fate.

Miyoung and Nabi
Miyoung and Nabi

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How did Miyoung react to this?

She reacted by requesting toast to let her dog go while laughing along the way. It appeared as if she was a bit annoyed with Toast’s behaviour with her dog but tolerated it enough to let him make Nabi dance. She hinted that Nabi wasn’t having a good time but toast hilariously made the dog nod as well while saying “Yes I am”

After which she asked him saying “What the hell that is my dog!”. Toasted replied to her by claiming the dog for himself and wished the chat a very merry Christmas before finally kissing and letting his unwilling hostage go.

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