“But you can’t watch anime on YouTube”: Disguised Toast considers shifting to YouTube only to bring out the drawback immediately

“But you can’t watch anime on YouTube”: Disguised Toast considers shifting to YouTube only to bring out the drawback immediately

Toast considering a move to YouTube Gaming?

During a recent livestream, fans found the popular Taiwanese-Canadian Twitch streamer ‘Disguised Toast’ discussed about his potential move to YouTube but it seemed that he was not certain about that right now as he started bringing out the drawbacks on livestreaming on the google-owned platform.


Twitch has seen some massive fallout lately and it started way back in the days when Dr DisRespect got banned mysteriously from the platform. Owing to several issues, prominent streamers have shocked their fans by getting transferred to YouTube Gaming, a move that might have degraded the popularity of Twitch.

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Disguised Toast considers moving to YouTube from Twitch

"But you can't watch anime on YouTube": Disguised Toast considers shifting to YouTube only to bring out the drawback immediately
Disguised Toast

The war between Twitch and YouTube seems far from over. The two behemoths in the streaming industry seem to take over each other by signing up prominent internet personalities. So far, YouTube seems to have the upper hand as household names on Twitch like Valkyrae, Sykkuno announced their move to YouTube Gaming.


Disguised Toast, on the other hand, remains active on the Twitch platform and also hosts gaming wars as his recently hosted Twitch Rivals 2 was a massive success. However, recently in one of his stream he was taking suggestions from his fans on whether he should move to YouTube considering several ‘issues’ on Twitch-

"Maybe I just moved to YouTube. Should I not move to YouTube because all my friends are on YouTube or are going to be on YouTube. At this rate, I think I am gonna be the only guy from OTV and friends left on Twitch". 

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This is not the first time that the streamer is considering shifting from the Twitch platform. In fact in November 2019, he was one of the few streamers to move to Facebook Gaming but he joined Twitch again shortly. This time around, Disguised Toast is explaining several considerations before moving to YouTube-

"Here's the thing about Twitch, they spent a lot of money on NICKMERCS. According to Ludwig, Twitch spent 30 million dollars on NICKMERCS, so I'm like if I'm Twitch, am I gonna give that guy another 30 million dollars? No way right!"

Toast seemed upset over the fact that Twitch let Ludwig go for a guy who tried to overtake Twitch during their plans on a safer TwitchCon event. As he has spent a long time in streaming for this platform, he wonders whether they will provide him a good deal. If not, he considered his move to YouTube but immediately claimed-

"But you can't watch anime on YouTube, that's the downside" 

Disguised Toast who was awarded with the ‘Best Strategy Game Streamer’ already holds 3.73 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has accumulated close to a billion views from his videos. Therefore, if he does decide to move to YouTube Gaming, his viewership record is unlikely to suffer.

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