Disguised Toast explains his method to avoid showing ads on stream

Disguised Toast reveals a trick to make sure his viewers don't have to watch ads! Read more here!

Disguised Toast revealed more about his hoodie on stream
Disguised Toast revealed more about his hoodie on stream

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, in a recent stream, shared his obscure method to steer clear of ads when streaming on his channel.

Toast revealed his genius method to avoid his viewers from being a victim to ads and how he does it is seriously an amazing workaround to Twitch’s policies.

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Disguised Toast reveals how he avoids ads on his stream!

Jeremy Wang, better known as his gaming name and streaming alias, Disguised Toast, is a full time streamer on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Twitch.

Disguised Toast almost got banned again
Disguised Toast

Twitch, like any other entertainment platform, relies on ads for the majority of its revenue ad with the increasing number of ads that twitch is showing, people are certainly concerned.

Twitch plays ads before you get to see a stream on the platform from anywhere around 15 seconds to a whole minute which can get frustrating for viewers.

Disguised Toast let his favorite person take over the stream
Disguised Toast reveals trick to not show ads on his stream!

Disguised Toast, however, seems to have found a way to get around the numerous ads that the platform throws at him to make sure his streams provide the maximum amount of entertainment to his viewers.

During his July 3 stream, Toast revealed to his viewers his “cringe” trick because of which he plays ads at the end of his stream.

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Disguised Toast

“This is the only way to prevent ads from playing on stream regularly,” he said. “The way it works is on Twitch you need to hit a certain ad amount per hour. But, if you do like 20 minutes in an hour that means you can do zero minutes for three extra hours.”

He continued, “So, this is what I do. I don’t end the stream. I leave my stream running for like several hours just spamming ads and this way when I stream regularly you guys don’t get ads.

Disguised Toast revealed more about his hoodie on stream
Disguised Toast

Upon revealing his methodology to his viewers, Wang was then praised by them for thinking about them and was hailed as a “Man of the people” by them.

The rising number of ads on Twitch has certainly been a growing concern amongst the viewers of the platform for some time now and it seems that Toast has managed to rise above it making his viewers very grateful to him.

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