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“it hurts my feelings” Disguised Toast gets offended by Ludwig

This article talks about how Ludwig offended Disguised Toast. Toast isn't an easy person to offend so what did Ludwig say about him?

Disguised Toast and Ludwig

Disguised Toast is no stranger to being roasted by his fellow streamers. He usually is the chill guy who never minds being made fun of because he makes fun of everyone else. He is known to make fun of Valkyrae, Fuslie and Miyoung his favourite victim to inflict his sense of humour upon. However, on Ludwig’s recent stream he managed to say a few words which offended the one true Toast himself. Toast himself had a few words and suggestions to share with Ludwig that day.

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What did Ludwig say about Toast?

“Disguised Toast straight up watches Naruto on his stream” he said “I wonder if he deletes the VODs, it would be very brave if he doesn’t delete them”. Then he proceeded to find out if Toast Deletes his Naruto VODs and he found out that Toast does because he couldn’t find any Naruto videos.

“He watches Naruto or like he likes to call it Oturan, which is Naruto Backwards” he continued. Toast was smiling while watching this but it seemed as if he was slightly offended by something that Ludwig said and proceeded to tell him what it was.

Ludwig talked about Disguised Toast on his stream

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What was Disguised Toast offended by?

Once Ludwig told his chat that Toast calls Naruto ‘Oturan’, Toast paused the video and had a message for Ludwig. “Yo Ludwig” he said “It hurts my feelings when you call me Disguised Toast”. Then he proceeded to explain that he thought him and Ludwig were close enough for Ludwig to address him as ‘Toast’ instead of ‘Diguised Toast’ which he found offensive.

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