“The duct tape is finally off” Disguised Toast opens Miyoung’s present to him

This article talks about Miyoung's 'Kkatamina" gift to Disguised Toast and all the effort toast had to go through to get to the bottom of this/

disguised toast miyoung
disguised toast and Miyoung 'kkatamina'

While Disguised Toast and Miyoung were streaming together she gifted him a present for Christmas. The size of the present was big so Toast immediately got excited and opened the beautiful wrapping it had while Miyoung tried to hide her laughter. After Toast opened the wrapping he was slightly confused and disappointed as she burst into laughter asking him to open it further. He did open it with great effort a process that was extremely funny to watch.

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What was inside the wrapping?

Toast opened the wrapping with great enthusiasm and to his disappointment, he found that his present was further wrapped in duct tape. Toast proceeded with great determination to open go through several layers of duct tape only to reveal that it was further wrapped in Aluminum foil. Miyoung seemed to enjoy the process of watching toast put in all the effort as she laughed after watching him struggle.

After he got through the layer of aluminum foil there was a box inside it with the label ‘Fart filter’ which Miyoung claimed she thought he needed. This box contained a smaller box that was wrapped in duct tape as well. Toast then proceeded to remove this duct tape and finally reached his reward.

disguised toast image 1
Toast internally as he unboxed the present

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What did Miyoung gift Disguised Toast?

After all the effort Disguised Toast had been through the size of the present had been reduced to less than half its original. He opened it to find a wooden box that contained a fake spider attached to a spring. He was mildly amused at this and not even a bit terrified. Inside was a pamphlet that read “prank your friends with a fart filter”.

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