DisguisedToast dropped a huge revelation regarding his Professional Valorant Team.

Toast discloses his professional Valorant team's name, after months of speculations from the fans.

DisguisedToast dropped a huge revelation regarding his Professional Valorant Team.

Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang, a streamer, content producer, and OfflineTV member, first teased the potential of forming a professional Valorant team on Twitter in the month of October. DisguisedToast said that he has successfully established a firm to sign players and that he has already formally signed three players to the squad, even though it initially appeared to be a prank. Riot Games has invited 30 teams to participate in its official Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) circuit in 2023, but there are no restrictions on individuals forming their own groups to play in the Challengers league or other competitions that go toward qualification.


On 31st October, DisguisedToast tweeted,

“yo whos the best available unsigned pro Valorant player atm. thinking of starting a team.”

Professional athletes and personalities interacted with the post, including Connor “PROD” Moran, Matthew “Wedid” Suchan, and Hannah “bnans” Kenney. Though William “Scarra” Li, a former professional League of Legends player, speculated that this time Toast might be serious, to which Toast replied “Scarra, I’m always serious.”


But now during a livestream, Toast revealed some very interesting news regarding his team. The well-known content creator, who has more than 2.7 million Twitch followers and more than 3.7 million YouTube subscribers, has been working diligently to build a roster for the tournament while streaming and taking part in events. It will be interesting to how will things play out.

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DisguisedToats has announced his team will be called Disguised

DisguisedToast Announces his valorant team name
DisguisedToast (image via Twitch)

On 4 January 2023 during a stream, toast surprised everyone when he announce his professional Valorant esports team. He revealed that he has the team ‘Disguised’ with its abbreviation ‘DSG’. Jeremy continued, saying that he and former professional gamer Tarik would be hosting a viewing party to watch the team play in the VCT Challengers League: Opening Qualifiers on January 9, 2023. According to Toast, his team has to deal with some things before he can reveal the whole lineup.

Many fans started asking him questions after dropping the bombshell. One asked whether he will be playing or not. Toast replied that he won’t be on the team. “But if someone is sick, I am willing to sub in”, he added. Other question were largely regarding the roster,


Toast also gave some information earlier on the members of his professional Valorant team, noting that three had already joined the lineup. Additionally, he said that after everyone had joined, he would formally reveal the roster. But some reports have suggested that Toast has signed the former member of the Knights core, Damion ‘XXiF’ Cook, Drake ‘Exalt’ Branly and Amgalan ‘Genghsta’ Nemekhbayar.

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