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DJ Alok vs Chrono: Who Is The Best Character In Free Fire For January 2022?

Garena offers the vastest character roster in the mobile battle royale genre. Here we will take a look at DJ Alok vs Chrono to check who is the best character in Free Fire for January 2022.

DJ Alok vs Chrono

DJ Alok and Chrono are the two most popular characters in the Free Fire character roster liked by players all around the globe. Here in this article, we will take a look at who is the best character in Free Fire among DJ Alok vs Chrono for January 2022.

There are more than 44 characters in the character roster of Free Fire each equipped with a unique ability to assist players on the battlefield. These characters have unique abilities that set them apart. DJ Alok and Chrono had the most prominent in-game active abilities that have dominated many characters. Let’s take a look at k DJ Alok vs Chrono to checwho is the best character in Free Fire for January 2022.

DJ Alok (Drop The Beat)

DJ Alok in Free fire

DJ Alok is the most popular character in Free Fire due to his Drop the Beat ability. This ability creates a 5-metre zone around him which increases the movement speed of allies by 15%.

Moreover, this ability heals the player and allies inside the zone for 5HP/sec for 10 seconds. This is a great ability that can be used to push rank and also has a short cooldown.

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Chrono (Time Turner)

Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono’s special in-game ability ‘Time Turner‘ provides an exceptional defensive capability to players in Free Fire. It creates an impenetrable force field. It blocks a total of 800 damage and lasts for six seconds.

The ability has a long cooldown period of 120 seconds. The character got buffed in the OB31 update after getting continuous nerfs in the OB27 and OB30 updates.

DJ Alok vs Chrono: Who Is The Best Character In Free Fire?

In the DJ Alok vs Chrono ability comparison, the winner can only be one. Although both characters offer the best active skills to use on the battlefield. Chrono’s ability recently got reworked in the OB31 update removing one of the major buffs i.e. shooting from the inside of the shield.

DJ Alok’s ability offers HP recovery and increases movement speed in the aura around him it also has reduced cooldown time as well. DJ Alok’s ability is a must have the ability for BR ranked matches. Thus DJ Alok is the clear winner in DJ Alok vs Skyler.

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