Dr DisRespect cosplayers show up at TwitchCon 2022 to mock the streaming platform

Dr DisRespect cosplayers show up at TwitchCon 2022 to mock the streaming platform

Dr DisRespect at San Diego TwitchCon 2019

Post his ban on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Dr DisRespect has time and again mocked Twitch, either through his actions or by saying it indirectly. But this time, at the San Diego TwitchCon, his fans were ready to fill in his absence.


Apart from YouTube, Twitch made a new rival on 2019 after it decided to impose a permanent ban on one of its biggest streamers, ‘Dr DisRespect’. This followed lawsuits by both the parties but the two of them have not reconciled till date.

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TwitchCon 2022 witnesses some incredible Dr DisRespect cosplays

Dr DisRespect cosplayers show up at TwitchCon 2022 to mock the streaming platform
Dr DisRespect

After several streamers took part in the Amsterdam TwitchCon for their European fans, America was also not left behind, with its successful San Diego TwitchCon from October 7. While some big names such as Pokimane skipped the event, fans spotted Valkyrae and surprisingly, even DrDisRespect. However, it was not how they would expect to see the Two-Time.


The latter streamer, however, was not present at the convention as we saw some of The Doc’s ardent fans paying a visit to meet like-minded fans at the event. Surprisingly, they pulled up a lot of crowd where one of the cosplayers even started trending on Twitter.

Many fans were observed donning the iconic wig and black glasses that is signature of the streamer when he adopts his ‘streaming persona’, but one of them caught much attention. The cosplayer calls himself ‘Dr ThiccRespect’ and has been a digital creator for quite a while.

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His broadcast at the San Diego Twitch Convention 2022 became quite popular as he referred to himself as the ‘Three-Time’ champion who is here to dominate Twitch. ‘Dr ThiccRespect’ was not the only one who came as a cosplayer in the event as a streamer spotted another fan of Dr DisRespect, who looked strikingly similar to him due to his tall and slender figure.


Dr DisRespect who got popular from Twitch made his last TwitchCon appearance at San Diego in 2019 but the bathroom filming incident dragged him into a controversy, and that was probably the end of his Twitch career. Although he took only months to become popular on YouTube, he never fails to lambast Twitch.

When Twitch announced changes to their streaming exclusivity policy, Dr DisRespect went on to the extent of arranging a simulcast on YouTube and Facebook. His fans are now following his steps to mock the platform by impersonating him.

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