Dr DisRespect pulls his first-ever knife worth $16,000 after opening over 2000 crates in CS: GO

Dr DisRespect finally gets a knife skin in CS: GO

Dr DisRespect pulls his first-ever knife worth $16,000 after opening over 2000 crates in CS: GO

The popular YouTuber Dr DisRespect has been getting “disrespected” in the streaming space in recent times. He has been trying to pull out knife skins through CS: GO chests. He opened over 2000 crates in pursuit of getting a single melee skin and failed miserably. However, the sun finally shined on Dr DisRespect as he pulled out the Sapphire M9 Bayonet knife skin in CS: GO. 


This bundle of luck occurred on Dr DisRespect’s stream on July 21st, 2023, where he, per usual, would open CS: GO containers randomly. Little did he know that day was the day he finally ended his bad luck of not getting a knife skin on CS: GO. The day he would be unveiled to a brand-new Sapphire M9 Bayonet. 

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Dr DisRespect’s luck in copping a $16,000 knife in CS: GO

Dr DisRespect pulls his first-ever knife worth $16,000 after opening over 2000 crates in CS:GO
Image via Dr DisRespect/YouTube

CS: GO fans know that the knife skins are quite unique. Players spent hundreds of dollars to get melee skin, and Dr DisRespect was doing the same. Knife skins are collected in the community as mementos, and getting your hands on one is quite the task. But Dr DisRespect pulling knife skin from a CS: GO crate and that also being a highly sought-out Sapphire M9 Bayonet is spectacular. 


Viewers have estimated the Sapphire M9 Bayonet to be around $16,000, while others estimate $15,000. Regardless of the point, it is worth quite a few euros. These skins are well compared to the imminent NFTs, the digital currency that has taken over the 21st century. It is more of a collection, which is why it’s valued so highly. You could imagine the number of people wishing they were Dr DisRespect right now. Although it is completely by luck, you do have to spend a bit on the crates, which are as low as $1.99 but are also available at higher prices for more chances at valued items. 

Streamers and fans react to Dr DisRespect getting the Sapphire M9 Bayonet knife in CS: GO

The momentum built around Dr DisRespect getting a knife skin has been a long time in the making. You could understand the excitement fans held for such a notorious event. Not just viewers but also fellow streamers have been reacting and congratulating Dr DisRespect, including Ninja.

Streamers like Wipz, known for similar sentiments of opening boxes worth thousands of dollars reacted along with CouRage JD and TimTheTatman:

Support from viewers was quite vividly present as this was big news for the CSGO community:


The rare event also brought in a few “uncelebrated” reactions:

Nonetheless, it was a big feat for the YouTuber and his loyal fans, as it was a saga in the making. and what better way to end it than to get one of the most prestigious skins in the game, worth at least $15,000? The whole community is delighted with the news, and it was well worth the wait!

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