“Experience on the game was top notch,” Dr Disrespect shares his initial thoughts after playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Fans are divided over Dr Disrespect's comments about people complaining about poor performance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

“Experience on the game was top notch,” Dr Disrespect shares his initial thoughts after playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Dr Disrespect enjoyed playing Jedi Survivor (Source Dr Disrespect/ YouTube)

Popular YouTube gaming sensation Herschel Guy, better known as Dr. Disrespect, took to Twitter to post about his experience playing the new Jedi Survivor game and said it was top-notch. He also pointed out that those who are complaining about the game’s performance should “go get a life.”


Dr Disrespect yesterday did a 9-hour-long livestream on YouTube in which he played Star Wars Jedi Survivor. During the stream, he can be seen talking about how he feels about the game and playing it in the highest settings possible.

In his tweet, he reaffirmed that and called out those who are nitpicking about how some people can’t get smooth FPS while playing the game.

“People that complain about video games… GO GET A LIFE.”


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Dr Disrespect on his experience in playing the Jedi Survivor

Dr Disrespect Jedi Survivor

Image source Steam

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a recent release by EA that follows the journey of Cal Kestice, a lone Jedi. This game is a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order and is set five years after its events.

Those who have played the game seem to have had mixed reactions to it so far. According to Steam, only 50% of the users have given the game a thumbs up so far. One user, TidyWire, even complained that he was not a beta tester, suggesting the game needed polishing.


Dr Disrespect, however, seems to disagree with users having performance issues with the game. According to him, he only faced minor frame drops during cut scenes, and the rest of the game was flawless. 

Fan reactions to Dr Disrespect’s verdict

Twitch streamer Lirik posted his own short clip of playing Jedi Survivor to prove that the game is glitching out.

Doc replied to this saying, “All you do is complain.”

Now those who follow Dr Disrespect for a while, over the years he is known for his calculated jokes and outbursts about games regarding poor performance. Moreover, he does face some performance discomfort while playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor. While his post and comments may reflect otherwise it’s clear that his poking fun at the various disturbances in the game. In the past, fans have seen him complain about Call of Duty games not performing well. Especially when Warzone 2 to came out and he seemed quite upset with the developers for lack of variation and poor performance. Some even pointed out that the Doctor is pulling a fast one on everyone:


Even on Reddit, users seem to pick up on Dr Disrespects’ smart jab on the performance of the game.

Now whether the YouTuber really meant every word from the Twitter post or not it’s still not clear. Given his past antics, it can be both positive and negative. Netizens have seen Doc being quite smart while making such comments, maybe next time when he streams things will be more clear.

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