DrDisrespect surprises fans with astounding custom LEGO set based on him with 2646 pieces!

The two time took to twitter to show a teaser of a special graphics that his team had put together featuring a LEGO set that showed the doc alongside him Lambo. Read more!

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DrDisrespect, also known as the two-time, in a tweet dated 19th May 2022, posted a picture of a custom LEGO set that features a character that seemed to be based around him alongside his famous red Lamborghini.

As soon as fans put their eyes on the set, they were all glooming over it and started tagging LEGO to make the set into a reality while also asking the Doc if it was a teaser for a future project.

DrDisrespect teases a new LEGO set based on his likeliness

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, or DrDisrespect, as you may know him by, is a YouTube streamer that had to make the shift after the amazon based streaming platform, Twitch, banned him from their platform permanently without giving the reason out publicly.

DrDisrespect LEGO
DrDisrespect LEGO set as teased by the Doc himself

IN one of his most recent tweets, the head of the Champions Club attached a rather unexpected picture if you will. The picture showed a LEGO set that displayed the Doc as a LEGO character standing alongside his world famous Red Lamborghini.

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Apart from the two, there was also Doc’s logo on the box in a much more blocky format which made it look like it was made of nothing but LEGO itself and two Palm Trees on each side of the car.

The box also gave an age warning of 18+ along with the serial number being 9394. The box also read the total number of pieces to in it was 2646 which sure does seem a lot but would help make the 18+ a lot of sense when put into perspective.

Along with the picture, DrDisrespect put up the caption as “Speed. Momentum. Legos.” probably hinting at the Lambo which he so much loves and seeing it in LEGO format is a treat not only to him, but also to his fans.

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DrDisrespect might be coming up with a new LEGO set of his own?

Fans also pointed out that the serial number 9394 was actually the LEGO Technic Jet Plane which was also red and looked amazing. SOme even went as far as to say that they would love to see the Doc flying in something similiar.

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