Dream brings Minecraft legend Technoblade’s father on his first YouTube video post face reveal

Dream brings Minecraft legend Technoblade’s father on his first YouTube video post face reveal

Technoblade's father and Dream

Brushing aside all the accusations made against him and online hatred he met post-face reveal, prominent Minecraft YouTuber Clay ‘Dream’ hosted a fundraiser YouTube video by bringing Technoblade’s father as his guest to help spread awareness about cancer.


The unlisted YouTube video’s primary purpose was to raise funds for the treatment of cancer patients while simultaneously discussing the legacy of late Minecraft star Technoblade through the words of his father. The duo discussed their jovial moments with Technoblade while also making viewers aware about the aftermath of cancer.

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Dream wishes to continue the legacy of Technoblade

Dream brings Minecraft legend Technoblade's father on his first YouTube video post face reveal
Dream and Technoblade

No one can escape from the wrath of cancer, not even if they are well-known celebrities such as Technoblade who single handedly made Minecraft popular among other rising games. Unfortunately, the Minecraft community had to bear the shock of the legend’s demise as he passed away on June 30th, 2022, battling cancer.


While the streamer had been battling with the disease for quite a long time, his passing away was mourned by his community and fellow content creators alike. One of those creators was none other than ‘Dream’, who had a sort of healthy competition in Minecraft with Technoblade.

His demise was appalling for the streamer but he decided to pay his tributes by launching exclusive merchandise honoring him, highlighting the fact that ‘Technoblade never dies’. Following this, Dream decided to host a fundraiser video where we saw Technoblade’s father joining him for a conversation.

The video occurred after the Minecraft content creator had revealed his face to his community after spending 8 years as a streamer. He was also being accused of grooming minors but not paying much attention to them, the streamer instead chose to work for a noble cause.

Dream revealed in the video that he had been in touch with Technoblade’s father for quite a long time and the two are working together to raise funds for the treatment of cancer for Sarcoma Foundation, a non profit organization that helps in the treatment of sarcoma and tumors.


Technoblade’s father then began recollecting his thoughts on how the streamer had spent his final days, fighting with his disease till the very end. His father explained-

“The grief wants to be the only thing that is happening and I went through. I was there for his whole life…The last week of his life was mostly painful. I don’t want the last week of his life to be the thing that cements itself in my head.” 

The next moments of the video were spent in the duo being nostalgic about the days they spent with the streamer. While Dream highlighted his rivalry-turned friendship with Technoblade, especially after the Minecraft Championship, Techno’s father talked about the young days of the streamer when he used to be candid with him for playing video games so seriously.

Dream brings Minecraft legend Technoblade's father on his first YouTube video post face reveal
Technoblade’s last moments

The fundraiser video continued for an hour with Dream also urging his viewers to donate funds if they are able to do so, as raising funds for cancer is not a cakewalk. Concluding the livestream, Technoblade’s father acknowledged the Minecraft star’s community as it was unexpected to get an overwhelming love from his virtual community.

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Content creators and fans react on Dream’s livestream

While the community has held Dream accountable for the grroming allegations levied against him, it really appreciated this gesture by the star, claiming that this was in good favor of Technoblade’s memory.

Technoblade’s community made ‘ONE OF US’ trending on Twitter to pay their respects to the streamer. They also appreciated the step taken by Dream and urged other users to keep their accusations aside for a moment.

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