Dream fans take over Twitter making #supportdream trending amidst grooming accusations

Dream fans take over Twitter making #supportdream trending amidst grooming accusations

Dream is getting dragged into multiple controversies

The controversy surrounding around Minecraft star Clay ‘Dream’ seems to take a new turn as some new Twitter users have popped up throwing a different shade to the story which has led the YouTuber’s fan base to take over Twitter and making ‘support dream’ trending on the platform.


Post his face reveal and first public appearance at the San Diego TwitchCon 2022, the content creator is getting involved in several scandals with grooming allegations, being one of the most serious accusations thrown at the streamer.

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Dream fans come out in support of the streamer

Dream fans take over Twitter making #supportdream trending amidst grooming accusations
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A couple of days ago, few Twitter accounts with the name ‘Anastasia’ and ‘Burner’ revealed that Dream is actually a pedophile as several snapchat screenshots showed the streamer grooming a girl, who was apparently a minor then. While a concrete evidence was missing, Twitter users didn’t take much time to make #dreamisafreak trend on Twitter.


Several users turned against the YouTuber putting up some serious accusations even though the messages exposed by the Twitter user were yet to be verified whether they were actually sent by the Minecraft star or not. Post this, Dream himself addressed this matter from his private account claiming that he is sick of the false accusations.

Today, Twitter seems to start a new trend as the popular YouTuber’s ardent fans started a thread claiming #supportdream as the evidences were yet to be cross-checked. Not only that, a Twitter user named ‘Avril’ took to Twitter to show a completely different take on the controversy.

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The user revealed that her story which did not happened with Dream, was apparently used by a Twitter user named ‘Amanda’ who twisted the narrative to make it suitable for her story and put all the blame on the Minecraft star. Both users started a blame game on Twitter with Twitterati getting confused on whose side to pick.


The user ‘Avril’ has also hinted that the matter is being taken to court which probably hints on Dream taking legal action. It is however, important to note that the streamer has not gave a formal response on the accusations being made on him.\

Fans provide their take on Dream’s controversy

Some of Dream’s fans are pointing out mistakes on the snapchat stories uploaded by Amanda to hint at them being fake. As most of them are supporting the content creator, another fan base is divided as they wait for the accurate evidence by hearing the story of both the sides.

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