“Poorly organized”: Dream SMP fans unhappy with creator’s panel arrangement at San Diego TwitchCon 2022

“Poorly organized”: Dream SMP fans unhappy with creator’s panel arrangement at San Diego TwitchCon 2022

Dream SMP cast at TwitchCon 2022

The San Diego TwitchCon 2022 that began on October 7th probably held a lot of expectations for Minecraft creator Dream’s fans as they were going to greet their icon after he became maskless on the internet a few days ago but the event somehow turned out to be the complete opposite of their expectation.


The San Diego Twitch Con brought a huge number of content creators on the house with some prominent names such as xQc, HasanAbi and some YouTubers such as Valkyrae. The primary focus was however on Dream SMP cast as the streamer made one of the biggest revelations.

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Dream SMP fans criticize TwitchCon 2022 officials for poor arrangement

"Poorly organized": Dream SMP fans unhappy with creator's panel arrangement at San Diego TwitchCon 2022

The entire Minecraft and content creator’s community were glued to their screens on October 2nd as Clay ‘Dream’ arranged a premier show to lift off the mask from his face, 10 years after he joined the YouTube platform. The video itself broke records for being the most watched video of the content creator within hours of its upload.


As the mask had been taken off, fans were eagerly waiting for more IRL Minecraft content as well as the streamer to appear at TwitchCon 2022 with the other members of the SMP such as SapNap and GeorgeNotFound. Even though the cast came together to greet their fans, the latter certainly did not have a great experience.

Twitterati seemed to burning with rage on the arrangement made by the concerned authorities at the San Diego TwitchCon 2022. A post shared by a Twitter user comparing the creator’s panel room at Europe and America, showcased how the events were completely different from each other.

Fans were unhappy as the place given for the Dream SMP creator’s panel was quite small which could only hold about 450 people together at a time. As a consequence, several fans missed out on meeting on the popular Minecraft creator.

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Fans call out TwitchCon for ill-treating Dream

As evident from the Twitter comments of the post that got more than 43K likes talking about the arrangement at TwitchCon 2022 San Diego, fans were enraged on the officials claiming that Dream deserved better as it was first public event. Another reason to fuel the anger of his fans was that the creator was forced to take an extra set as he couldn’t fit in the creator’s frame.

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