EA FC 24: How to complete Thunderstruck Icon Michael Ballack SBC?

The Latest Thunderstruck Icon is out now through SBC in EA FC 24! Check out the Requirements for the 6 Squads, as well as the solutions!

EA FC 24: How to complete Thunderstruck Icon Michael Ballack SBC?

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EA FC 24 Icons are the best Ultimate Team cards available as they feature renowned players from bygone eras that let you assemble the greatest squad in the history of the sport of football. ICON SBCs are often offered for a considerable amount of time, but not indefinitely. Embrace the Ultimate Team Black Friday atmosphere with dynamic Special Player and ICON Items that could be upgraded in-game depending on how well their home league clubs perform in real life.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is now featuring the most recent Thunderstruck Icon SBC, of which Michael Ballack is the recipient of a special edition. The German midfielder is a legend in the game and well-known for his versatility; his Ultimate Team statistics perfectly capture his playing style.


Let’s look at the requirements and squad solutions to complete this Icon Card below:

Requirements & Solutions to Complete Michael Ballack in EA FC 24

In all, there are Six different SBCs you’ll need to complete in order to pack the 88-rated EA FC 24 Thunderstruck Icon Ballack. Here are the requirements followed by solutions for each SBC.

Ballack EA FC Story
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Born Legend

  • Rare players: Exactly 11 in your starting lineup
  • Player Quality: Exactly Bronze

Squad Solution:

  • Smith-ST-62
  • Garrido-CM-63
  • Ibarra-CM-63
  • Rohner-RM-63
  • Thompson-CM-60
  • Santos-RB-63
  • Dahlström-CB-61
  • Civeja-CM-63
  • Amiento-LM-62
  • Brown-LWB-63

Reward: Small Silver Pack

Rising Star

  • Rare players: Exactly 11 in your starting lineup
  • Player Quality IN EA FC 24: Exactly Silver

Squad Solution:

  • Muric-RW-67
  • Ntim-CB-67
  • Rukavina-RW-65
  • Fuchs-CM-66
  • Benamar-CB-67
  • Brown-RB-66
  • Lara-LB-68
  • Mikanovic-RB-68
  • Magashy-CAM-66
  • Besuijen-CAM-65
  • Vermeij-ST-68

Reward: Three Common Gold Players Pack

Ballack EA FC 24 Stats
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On a Loan

  • Player Quality: Exactly Gold

Squad Solution:

  • Denayer-CB-75
  • Di Francesco-LW-75
  • Bryan Gil-LW-77
  • Kevin-LB-75
  • Wass-CM-76
  • Aurier-RB-78
  • Oliván-LB-77
  • Lapadula-ST-75
  • Masuaku-LB-76
  • Alderete-CB-76
  • Summanen-CM-76

Reward: 5-Match Loan Michael Ballack

Little Kaiser

  • Germany players: Minimum one in your starting lineup
  • Team overall rating in EA FC 24: Minimum 86

Squad Solution:

  • Lacazette-ST-83
  • Koulibaly-CB-84
  • Modric-CM-87
  • Ødegaard-CAM-87
  • Botman-CB-83
  • Magull-CAM-87
  • Lavelle-CAM-87
  • Silva-CB-84
  • Gabriel-CB-84
  • Marquinhos-CB-87
  • Gilles-CB-83

Reward: Small Rare Mixed Player Pack

Ballack Ea fc Stats
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League Finesse

  • Players from the Premier League: Minimum one in your starting lineup
  • Team overall rating in EA FC 24: Minimum 87

Squad Solution:

  • Eriksen-CM-83
  • Endler-GK-88
  • Ødegaard-CAM-87
  • Jorginho-CM-83
  • Ilestedt-CB-84
  • Paredes-CB-88
  • Kolo Muani-ST-84
  • Hernandez-CB-84
  • Kimmich-CDM-88
  • Osimhen-ST-88
  • Bonucci-CB-88

Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack


League legend

  • Players from the Bundesliga: Minimum one in your starting 11
  • Team overall rating: Minimum 88

Squad Solution:

  • Sauerbrunn-CB-85
  • Rodri-CDM-89
  • Bastoni-CB-85
  • Müller-CAM-84
  • Calhanoğlu-CM-85
  • Paredes-CB-88
  • Martinez-CB-84
  • Hegerberg-ST-89
  • Dias-CB-89
  • Morgan-ST-89
  • Diani-RW-89

Reward: Rare Electrum Player Pack

This card appears to be a good value for the money even without any upgrades; it has fantastic icon linkages and is a terrific goal-scoring midfielder. He will probably receive both upgrades because he is associated with Bayer Leverkusen, who have won 11 of their last 12 Bundesliga games. This SBC is worthwhile because he already received one upgrade this week from their victory against Werder Bremen.


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