“Sounds like a Josh Allen playoff run” – Fans call out EA Sports as Madden 24 server crashes soon after its release

Fans are furious on EA Sports for fumbling Madden 24 launch

“Sounds like a Josh Allen playoff run” – Fans call out EA Sports as Madden 24 server crashes soon after its release

NFL fans and gamers were very excited for Madden 24 to come out. This time, the game has the mode that players really like, the Superstar Mode. There are also better controls for the Franchise Mode, where you can be in charge of a team. You can feel like you’re part of the NFL more than ever before. The company that makes the game, Electronic Arts, worked to make things look more real.

Players had mixed feelings about Josh Allen on the cover of Madden 24. Despite this, players had high hopes for the game, but Madden 24 creators landed themselves in a new problem soon after the release of the game. Madden 24 is experiencing some issues and stops working online, which makes the start not so great, even though the game gets better in other ways.

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A Rocky Start for EA Sports as Madden 24 comes out

"Sounds like a Josh Allen playoff run" - Fans call out EA Sports as Madden 24 server crashes soon after its release
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Right after the game officially came out, lots of people reported that the online part didn’t work and the game stopped, which made players feel upset and couldn’t enjoy the new stuff in Madden 24 which they had been waiting for a long time. The game suddenly stopped working for a lot of players, which was surprising. They could only do quick play because of technical problems. People felt let down and went to places like Facebook and Twitter to share their worries.

JPAFootball on Twitter highlighted the issue, stating, ” Madden 24 is not off to a great start. The game “came out” at 8 pm EST, but the servers aren’t working and all you can do is quick play. It seems like they were unprepared for the large number of people to get on the game. Almost two hours after the “release” of the game, you can only do a quick play?”

Fans have been angry on social media and targeting almost everyone at EA Sports. One person got mad at Clint Oldenburg, the American Football Production Director at EA Sports. He commented, “It’s incredibly pathetic that a billion-dollar company can’t launch their game. @EAMaddenNFL @ea @ClintOldenburg hey Clint the p*ssy? you got anything to say, or are you just hiding like a little b*tch? I’m sure your wife and kids appreciate how much of a p*ssy you are.”

The server crash incident has made people wonder if EA Sports should keep Madden video games franchise. People are talking about this being the last year of their deal. This is important for EA Sports. They can fix the problems fast and make things better, but if they don’t, the game will stop, and other issues might make it hard for them to keep making the games. Some people even think that another company like 2K Sports could start making the official NFL video game if EA Sports doesn’t do a good job.

Fans bash EA Sports on X


Now EA has a job in their hands. They can show they care about their players by fixing game crashes and other technical issues quickly. Players who like the game are waiting to see what EA Sports does. If they fail to do the same, then it will be a very tough road for EA with their upcoming big titles.

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