Eminem is featured in a new GTA 6 leak

A fresh Grand Theft Auto 6 leak has surfaced, which, if accurate, reveals the game’s initial radio song. Furthermore, if this information is correct, it indicates that Rockstar Games is not skimping on GTA 6, especially when it comes to the songs that play on the in-game radio. And it’s not unexpected that this is the case.

Dr. Dre has worked closely with Rockstar Games in recent years, and GTA 5 featured musicians such as Kendrick Lamar. However, if prior rumours about the game being set in Vice City, the series’ fictitious Miami, are correct, the new songs don’t support that theory.

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Eminem In GTA 6

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Eminem is featured in a new GTA 6 leak 2

According to MattheusVictorBR, the following songs will be included in the game: Domino Dancing by Pet Shop Boys, Odessa by Caribou, Disparate Youth by Santigold, and Numb by Rihana Feat. Eminem.

These tracks were available in a 2019 alpha build of the game, according to the leaker. Furthermore, the leaker claims that there were already over 20 different radio stations in this early version of the game.

Rockstar games made an announcement related to GTA
Rockstar games made an announcement related to GTA

MattheusVictorBR doesn’t say how they got this information, and Rockstar Games has yet to respond to the leak and the ensuing conjecture. As always, we’ll keep you updated as the situation develops, but take everything here with a grain of salt in the meanwhile. This isn’t the first time a fake GTA 6 leak has surfaced, and it won’t be the last.

 If every prior GTA 6 leak and rumour were real, the game would be a dozen games in one, and it would be released now and not out until 2026 at the same time. This fresh leak, for what it’s worth, does not contradict any previous rumour or leak regarding the game.

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