EsportsXO Unveils Exciting Lineup for DATE 2023 in New Delhi: Everything you need to know

Buckle up for the highly anticipated DATE 2023 by TRESCON for an exciting experience

EsportsXO Unveils Exciting Lineup for DATE 2023 in New Delhi: Everything you need to know

EsportsXO is a well-known name in India’s gaming and eSports community. They are hell-bent on making a smooth and sound gaming community through various trends and events to help gaming enthusiasts know what opportunities are in this field. With that being said, EsportsXO has brought the Digital Acceleration & Transformation Expo (DATE) for all gamers.

Fans will witness a stellar two-day event in Delhi where fans can participate in multiple activities. In addition to that, fans will also get to meet some of the Indian gaming community’s big names and EsportsXO founders which just doubles the excitement for the event.


So here are the details about the exhilarating DATE 2023 by TRESCON.

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Dive into the World of Gaming Delights, DATE 2023

TRESCON’s highly anticipated event, DATE 2023 is all set to take place on November 23rd and 24th, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Yashobhoomi IICC Dwarka in New Delhi. As mentioned earlier, a wide array of activities will be awaiting fans. These activities will also give players the opportunity to win some exciting awards.

DATEwithXO 2023
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MAVI Rivalry Zone

MAVI is a well-known BGMI player in the gaming community and is often regarded as the TDM King with his over-the-top 1v1 duelling skills. So for fans who think they can take on the “King”, they can challenge him for the 1v1 TDM to dethrone him. The top 300 players out of 5000 participants will get the chance to challenge MAVI and try their best to push him to his limits.

Cosplay Carnival

Any big gaming event will be incomplete without a cosplay competition. Thus fans have the opportunity to show off their creativity and devotion to gaming with the Cosplay competition at the DATE 2023. Fans will need to bring their “A game” to the competition as there is whooping 30,000 INR prize pool on the line.

Meet n Greet

EsportsXO DATE 2023 will be blessed with some of the gaming icons including MAVI, MAXTERN, and 420. Fans can meet their favourite players, content creators, and influencers to get some tips from some of the finest.


Panel discussion with giants of the gaming industry

If the presence of these influencers isn’t enough, the founders of EsportsXO will be having the panel discussion too. All the founders including Vikas Goel, Utsav Umang, Naman Gaur, Rohit Raj, and Nayan Gaur will be present there. They will be highlighting the potential and “what to expect” in the gaming world in the coming years. This will help the newcomers who trying to gain a foothold in the gaming industry. One of the EsportsXO’s founders, Nayan Gaur, discussed about the DATE 2023.

“We’ve tried to catch hold of the culture of challenging influencers virtually, fused it with our competitive esports platform BattleXO and gave #DATEwithXO a touch of a mini LAN experience”

Nayan Gaur-

So DATE 2023 is all set to blow fans’ minds with its amazing lineup. All experts, hardcore gamers, and novices can attend this event and experience the thrill of the gaming world.

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