Everything you need to know about new GTA 6 leaks(2023)

Rockstar's Art Director's son has leaked much information about GTA 6 days before the trailer drops

Everything you need to know about new GTA 6 leaks(2023)

The hype train for GTA 6 is running at an all-time high, with the official GTA 6 trailer just days away. However, the game isn’t as big a surprise as Rockstar Games would have wanted it to be. There have been several leaks about the game over the past year, including the game’s setting, several mechanics and the protagonists, Jason & Lucia.

Just a few days before the GTA 6 trailer was scheduled to be released, further information about the game was leaked. The information was allegedly leaked by Rockstar’s art director Aaron Garbut’s son. The new GTA 6 leaks contain more details about the game’s map, a potential release date and even the game’s trailer. This article covers everything fans know so far.


New GTA 6 leaks reveal further details about the map

The map is allegedly twice the size of the already huge Los Santos. The GTA 6 map will comprise 3 major cities and 4 sub-cities, with additional areas surrounding the map. Reportedly, a huge lake is also around the middle of the map. Rockstar Games is focusing on making the map more interactable, with 70% of the buildings set to be enterable.

The chats show a person asking Aaron’s son about volumetric clouds in the game. The leaker mentioned that he was only showing late development and that when the game launches, it will include volumetric clouds in the sky. The leaks mention that the game’s development is going at a great pace. Rockstar Games is expecting a launch date in Fall 2024, provided there are no further delays. Additionally, the game will be available for pre-orders when the trailer drops.

Aaron Garbut’s son further mentioned that he was leaking this information because it would be useless after the trailer’s release. The other person in the chat asks him about the consequences of these leaks. He mentions that Rockstar’s art director being fired over this issue would be a horrible situation.


He mentioned his parent won’t lose their job because of these leaks because, legally, it is all hearsay. Additionally, fans can barely see anything in the leaked video, which is a few seconds of the GTA 6 trailer dropping on December 5th.

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