Evil Geniuses dethrones Fnatic as the highest earning Valorant teams after winning Champions 2023

Evil Geniuses dethrones Fnatic as the highest earning Valorant teams after winning Champions 2023

The Grand finals of Champions 2023 commenced and Valorant has a new champion. North American Org Evil Geniuses came out swinging and against all Odds emerged Victorious. They became the first Organisation from North America to win Champions and the third Team to do so in the world. Valorant Champions 2023 was also the first Valorant tournament to have such a massive prize pool of $2.25M with a $1M winning prize. This made Evil Geniuses one of the highest-earning Valorant Teams.


The Third iteration of the Valorant Champions Tour saw a meteoric rise of Valorant Teams who perform consistently at the top. Fnatic became the first team to win back-to-back Majors while Evil Geniuses after coming second in Master’s Tokyo rose from the ashes to Win Champions 2023. This led to the players earning in six figures and securing their legacies as the Highest-earned Valorant team to date.

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Evil Geniuses now join the elite group with over $1M in team-earnings

Evil Genius

Evil Geniuses become the highest-earning Valorant esports players of all time taking over the Fnatic Players. Ever since their qualification to Masters Tokyo, Evil Geniuses have looked indomitable. After finishing runners-up in that tournament, they came into Champions 2023 and took home the $1M first prize. Ex- CS: GO pro turned Valorant player Ethan is the leader with prize earnings of $290,000 followed by his fellow teammates, Jawgemo, C0M, Boostio, and Demon1.


The whole list of the highest-earning teams is as follows:

1stEvil GeniusesAmericas$1,280,500
3rdPaper RexAsia-Pacific$1,018,368
7thTeam LiquidAmericas$554,028
8thFunPlus PhoenixEMEA/China$502,291
9thOpTic GamingAmericas$499,000
10thGambit EsportsEMEA$495,638
12th100 ThievesAmericas$339,000
13thG2 EsportsEMEA/Americas$329,799
14thKRÜ EsportsAmericas$312,933
17thTeam EnvyAmericas$251,500
18thG2 GozenEMEA$251,160
19thVision StrikersAsia-Pacific$224,147
20thShopify Rebellion GCNorth America$192,400

Valorant has not reached its full potential

Given that Valorant as a game and esports is still a new Venture, the earnings are subject to change with the game growing bigger over time. In the coming years, the Valorant competitive scene will have more tournaments with higher stakes and massive prize pools. Just like Valorant Champions, players will have the chance to earn Millions in the upcoming years. Valorant Champions Tour 2023 showed that the esports scene has a lot more to offer than just some pro gameplay.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2024 season has already been announced with Kick-Off Tournaments and Multiple Majors to look forward to. Teams like Fnatic and Evil Geniuses will try to establish their eras by winning consistently while the others will be on a journey to prove themselves. Riot has and will always ensure that the Competitive scene always Flourishes and the game reaches new Heights.

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