Evil Geniuses Valorant coach Christine “Potter” Chi becomes the first woman to win a major esports championship

Potter has turned EG's Cinderella story, from a fairytale into reality!

Evil Geniuses Valorant coach Christine “Potter” Chi becomes the first woman to win a major esports championship

Evil Geniuses concluded the Valorant Champions 2023 Grand Finals and took home the Champions’ trophy. The Americas team left Pacific champs, PRX, in the dirt to claim the title of Champions. Every player on the team, from Ethan to c0m and especially Boostio, Jawgemo & Demon1, totally demolished their opponents. However, the majority of credit for EG’s win would definitely go to the team’s head coach, Potter.


This VCT 2023 season has been one of the best runs so far. There were many underdog stories throughout the VCT that fans just couldn’t get enough of. Teams like Bilibili Gaming, EDward Gaming, and others were shining throughout the VCT. Moreover, players like ZmjjKK, Sayaplayer, and Whyz performed really exceptionally. This VCT season dedicated itself to the underdogs, and fans loved it!

Furthermore, Evil Geniuses has been one such team whose performance throughout the past VCTs was atrociously bad. However, they were able to turn a new leaf this season, and their Head Coach, Potter, was certainly one to be credited for it. Evil Geniuses even took it to their official Twitter handle to post an ‘appreciation post’ for their coach.

Potter pushed EG’s exceptional performance, earning them loads of achievements not just in the Grand Finals but throughout the season. And this exceptional run has crowned her the first woman to win a Major eSports Championship.


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Potter and her journey toward winning the Valorant Champions 2023

Evil Geniuses Valorant coach Christine "Potter" Chi becomes the first woman to win a major esports championship
Potter During Dreamhack (credits: Liquipedia)

Christine “Potter” Chi is currently the head coach of Evil Geniuses‘ Valorant team. Furthermore, this isn’t her first try at the eSports industry, as she has been active in this field since 2006. Being a former Counter-Strike pro, Potter has immense experience in the pro-gaming scene. However, she transitioned to Valorant somewhere around 2021 and joined Evil Geniuses. Since then, this lady has been a formidable force for the team and even assumed the post of head coach in the same year of joining.

However, despite all her tries, the team wasn’t performing so well. Being a huge name in the Counter-Strike pro scene, EG’s Valorant run wasn’t all that great. For the first two VCTs, the team barely made it up the ladder and still couldn’t get into any top-tier tournaments. Moreover, the team got ousted pretty early on during the LOCK//IN São Paulo. Even during the Americas League, EG was 13-0 and became a “meme team.”

Higher-ups asked Potter to produce results as the team kept getting bested repeatedly. And this exceptional lady did provide. Moreover, the performance shown by EG is nothing to fume at. From reaching the Grand Finals in Master Tokyo to besting previous Champions title holder LOUD in the Valorant Champions 2023 to winning the major, Potter got the team to where they are.


This has made Christine the first woman to win a Major eSports Championship, and fans can’t be any more proud of the teaching from EG’s head coach. EG’s has conquered the Valorant Champions 2023, and fans are waiting to see how the team and Potter would work to improve their existing strategies during the VCT 2024 season.

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