“Socialist defending capitalism” – Fans brutally BASH HasanAbi for defending Pokimane’s new overpriced cookies

HasanAbi tries to defend Pokimane and fails

“Socialist defending capitalism” – Fans brutally BASH HasanAbi for defending Pokimane’s new overpriced cookies

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HasanAbi has once again got himself involved in controversy related to Pokimane. The female social media star has been under a lot of fire from the internet regarding her new cookie company, Myna Snacks. The company has faced accusations of simply being a rebrand of an already-available product. Additionally, they are said to be too expensive for many fans.


Pokimane responded to the criticisms against the cookies’ price. She said that people calling the cookies expensive were too much of an idiot to do the math. Additionally, she called them “broke boys” for trying to criticise the price of her product. Pokimane has since apologised for these claims. However, HasanAbi is still adamant about what Pokimane said and came out to defend the female streamer.

This is not the first time he has done such a thing. Earlier this year, Pokimane was called one of the most corrupt figures online by another influencer named Trainwreck. Hasan came to Pokimane’s defence, arguing against perceptions of Pokimane ‘dropping’ certain people to look good. It seems that he has come to his friend’s defence yet again.

The American streamer himself is not free from any criticism either. He recently faced a ton of backlash for his views on the Israel-Palestine war and supposedly defended Hamas. He also faced a lot of heat for trying to justify the r*pe of rich women. Getting involved in such matters after the controversies already surrounding him is an unwise move.


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HasanAbi defends Pokimane and her cookies

HasanAbi recently uploaded a video to YouTube. The video was over an hour and ten minutes long and was an excerpt from a longer Twitch stream. HasanAbi starts talking about the situation and gives an introduction to what has been happening. Hasan then watches the clip where Pokimane called her fans “broke boys” who were criticising her company, Myna Snacks.

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He comes out in defence of Pokimane and justifies her views, even though Pokimane had already apologised for them. He then continues to watch another video of famous streamer PenguinzO. Penguin is asked about the situation by one of his fans, who then proceeds to give his views that are matching to those of the internet.

Hasan refutes his thoughts and then continues to spend another hour responding to criticisms by fans and other streamers alike. His video is being referred to as one of the worst takes on the internet. Many commenters also said he is just a rich streamer trying to defend another rich streamer, his friend.


Fans don’t hold back and brutally bash HasanAbi

Many streamers including xQc and Adin Ross have also joined the conversation around Pokimane’s cookies price. Many are labelling Pokimane as opportunist and rude for her recent behaviour. Her reaction to the criticism was controversial which gave birth to numerous conversations.

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