“Scumf*ck degenerate content parasite” – Fans BRUTALLY bash xQc for milking the Gaza airstrike video for content

xQc under fire for using Gaza conflict for content

“Scumf*ck degenerate content parasite” – Fans BRUTALLY bash xQc for milking the Gaza airstrike video for content

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xQc is one of the most famous streamers on the planet. Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel started off as an Overwatch pro and branched out his content from there. The Canadian streamer now plays various video games on stream, even playing in the Chess.com Pogchamps tournament. He usually reacts to others’ videoes for which he has often been criticised. However, this time he has used a quite controversial video for content.

xQc recently while streaming on Twitch, was surfing through the news on the Israel and Gaza conflicts. Later, streamer started reacting to the merciless bombing of Isreal in Gaza. It has been reported that thousands of children and women have died in the bombing. This has landed him in a quite controversy.


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xQc faces backlash for reacting to Gaza airstrike video

In a stream on October 7th, xQc was reacting to videos. He then came across a video showing an Israeli bombing in Gaza done as a response to the surprise attack by Hamas, the governing body of Gaza, that same day. Looking shocked, xQc said, “That’s a f*cking disaster.” He hovered around the video for a while but eventually moved on to other unrelated videos.

xQc Israeli Airstrike
Image via xQc/Twitch

The moment was then clipped and reuploaded on xQc’s clips channel, where it garnered additional thousands of views. Another content creator named Noodle spoke out against this incident on his Twitter. He called xQc a “scumf*ck degenerate content parasite. The tweet has almost 150k likes.


xQc noticed this tweet and responded to it with a photo of himself sitting in front of stacks of cash and holding two bundles of cash to his ears. The caption to the image read. “HUH?”. In another Twitch livestream on November 2nd, xQc talked about Noodle’s tweet. He also mentioned that his response was intentionally the “cringiest flex possible” in order to upset him and others in his support.

Additionally, he said, “He just wants to create outrage, so I’m gonna feed it to him. You cannot argue with people like that.” Noodle shot back as he said, “Him treating this like just another thing to react to trivializes the real horror of what’s happening, desensitizing his audience and leading to apathy.” While many other internet users also shot back against xQc’s practices, he replied to them all with similar obnoxious replies.

Fans call out xQc for using sadistic footage for content

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