“The Return of the Queen”: Fans can’t keep calm as Pokimane announces her Twitch return date

“The Return of the Queen”: Fans can’t keep calm as Pokimane announces her Twitch return date

Pokimane to become a regular streamer again!

Soon after teasing her return on Twitch, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has provided a date on which fans will be able to see her streaming back again and creating the usual entertaining content that she does. The announcement has certainly left fans excited as Twitch had been missing the ‘spark’ that the streamer brings with her.


With the highest number of followers on Twitch as a female streamer, Pokimane returning back to the platform after a month is certainly a big deal. Fans are pouring in reactions to express how excited they are for the livestream sessions.

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Pokimane reveals her Twitch return date

"The Return of the Queen": Fans can't keep calm as Pokimane announces her Twitch return date
Pokimane’s curly hair

The Moroccan streamer had gone on an indefinite break since July as she wanted to focus on her mental health. Keeping it as a priority, she also stated that she will return to the platform once she organizes herself. The Twitch break, however, didn’t stop her from appearing on the livestreams of other popular streamers as fans caught her enjoying a fun time at LilyPichu’s concert.


She was also seen appearing at the EVO event of FGC (Fighting Game Community), being the co-owner of the EVO tournament. The tournament drew curtains on August 7th and Pokimane was found appreciating the community for providing her a wholesome experience.

After spending a productive month, the 26 year old streamer dropped a sensational photo on Twitter which led many fans assuming that the streamer will be returning shortly. Just as fans wanted, Pokimane announced the return and now she even gave the community, her return date

"streams resume Thursday sept 1st at noon :)"

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The full-time streamer mainly known for her League of Legends gameplay will be back once again with frequent ‘Just Chatting’ sessions in order to keep her fans updated about her ‘real’ life, which fans might want to hear after a month-long break. Recently, Pokimane expressed her gratitude to the fans defending her on social media and this could be one of the reasons she is coming back on Twitch.


Not only her fans, but her fellow content creators and streamers are eager to see her on the platform and get back to the ‘live streaming’ sessions again. Fortunately, it will be a matter of few days that fans will be able to do so.

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