“Will you adopt me” – Fans go gaga as Valkyrae slays The Family Plan premiere with a perfect red outfit

Popular YouTuber and gamer Valkyrae had her fans in awe after posting her all red outfit for her first movie premiere, She absolutely slays the red carpet look.

“Will you adopt me” – Fans go gaga as Valkyrae slays The Family Plan premiere with a perfect red outfit

Popular Youtuber Rachel Hoffstetter, also known as Valkyrae, went viral after announcing her role in the recently released film ‘The Family Plan’. This was her second foray into the movie space. Earlier this year, she voiced Commander Red on a Netflix Animated series Sonic Prime. Furthermore, She made a Twitter post with pictures of her from the premiere night. 


Rachel has established her name in the YouTube gaming scene. Even though she got famous for her gaming streams, she doesn’t shy away from venturing outside the gaming space. She has been featured in two of her friend Bella Poarch’s music videos namely ‘Build a bitch’ and ‘Inferno’. After the announcement, her fans and the online community were pleasantly surprised and very supportive of Valkyrae.

The Family Plan’ is an action comedy directed by Simon Cellan Jones. It stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan as its lead actors and was released on 15 December 2023 on AppleTV+.

Take a look at what Valkyrae wear to her first movie premiere

On the premiere night, Rachel wore a stunning red Prada set. She paired it with thigh-high red stockings, a red fuzzy jacket, a Dolce & Gabbana mini bag in red, and red heels. She looked stunning and stole the show with her all-red outfit. The online community was delighted by her tweet announcing her 10-minute cameo. Furthermore, she mentioned how it was her first movie and showed excitement. 

Valkyrae’s all-red premier outfit (Image via twitter.com/Valkyrae)

“First time in a movie!!!! Fit for the premiere of The Family Plan! I’m only in it for 10 min but still so excited lol”

Valkyrae via X

She described her all-red look as a ‘red disco ball without sparkles’. However, her devoted fans quickly rallied to her defence, showering her with compliments, hailing her as a “queen,” a “perfect package,” and more. In addition to their affirmations, they clarified that the 10-minute mark for a cameo was substantial, assuring her that she need not feel any less about it.

Fans and other streamers react to Valkyrae’s premiere outfit

In an online interview, she mentioned that she just got lucky as the movie was looking for a ‘female gamer’. Furthermore, She shared that she was playing a gaming team captain, leading her team to victory in a Valorant gaming tournament. 

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