“Wow he’s tiny” Fans HILARIOUSLY react to Kai Cenat’s photos inside the police precinct after getting arrested

Following Kai Cenat's arrest, fans are trolling the alleged picture of the streamer inside the police precinct.

“Wow he’s tiny” Fans HILARIOUSLY react to Kai Cenat’s photos inside the police precinct after getting arrested

(credits: Kai Cenat)

The streamers’ community never experiences a day of quiet. Hilarious or outright outlandish things fill up daily charades. These incidents are usually smaller in scale, done with the perspective of getting content for fans. However, the whole incident going on right now in New York is way beyond that. Kai Cenat, the famous Twitch streamer, incited a riot with his giveaway event, resulting in his arrest. Moreover, fans are hilariously trolling the streamer as his “inside the police precinct” images went viral.


Skrimish between authorities and streamers is a rare occurrence. Usually, it ends in a hilarious moment, and fans get a good laugh out of it. And Kai Cenat’s clash with authorities is quite the instance in the streamers’ community. Recently, during the 4th of July, the streamer had a fireworks war in his house and almost torched the AMP house. Authorities arrived on the scene due to complaints; however, nothing much happened except for a hilarious incident for fans.

However, this time around, the incident’s scale is massively huge. Kai Cenat caused a riot so big that New York City was in an uproar. Furthermore, authorities arrested the streamer for causing the incident. The streamer uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel that showed the scale of the incident. And it shocked fans all around the globe!

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Fans’ Hilarious reaction to Kai Cenat’s pictures inside the police precinct

"Wow he's tiny" Fans HILARIOUSLY react to Kai Cenat's photos inside the police precinct after getting arrested
Kai Cenat in police custody

On his channels, Kai Cenat has been promoting a “HUGE GIVEAWAY” in Union Square Park at 4 p.m. ET, promising a free PlayStation 5 and other gaming gear. However, it didn’t take much time for the incident to go down in a way not expected by anyone. Kai Cenat’s fans disrupted the situation to such an extent that authorities had to mobilize, resulting in a full-blown riot. Furthermore, this inevitably resulted in Kai Cenat getting arrested and facing multiple charges.

With the streamer’s arrest, alleged pictures of him being inside a police precinct surfaced online. And fans have gone haywire with their hilarious reactions to the pictures:

Most of these trolls are outright on Kai’s height. The fans have trolled the streamer over his less-than-average height. Although this situation spiraled into a really big ordeal, the streamer has been released from police custody. And fans have now let out a sigh of relief, knowing that their favorite streamer is now safe and sound.

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