“That signature was terrible”- fans left baffled as ‘die-hard’ xQc fan tattooed the streamer’s signature permanently

“That signature was terrible”- fans left baffled as ‘die-hard’ xQc fan tattooed the streamer’s signature permanently

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Something wild or the other always fills the streamers’ community. Moreover, there are always streamers like Adin Ross and N3ON, who are always stirring up something vile. However, the famous Twitch streamer xQc is also somewhere along the lines of being equally wild. And so are xQc’s fans. In a recent X post, fans saw a die-hard xQc fan getting the streamer’s signature tattooed permanently on himself.

On Twitch, Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the most well-known and recognizable streamers. He has garnered significantly more attention than what many expected since his career which began in 2016. The content producer and former Overwatch League (OWL) player xQc is from Canada. From Minecraft to Just Talking streams, xQc’s streams are famous for many things.


Moreover, with such a huge fan following on Twitch, xQc has gained quite the faithful and devoted fans, too. So much so, that these fans can get a permanent tattoo based on their favorite streamer. And that’s what a fan has done recently!

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Fan gets xQc’s signature permanently tattooed on himself, fans react

Fans know xQc as one of Twitch’s top streamers who also received a $100 Million non-exclusive contract from Kick due to his popularity. Furthermore, the streamer is famous for his wild and entertaining streams. In the process of producing content, xQc has gained quite a lot of fan-following too. And these fans really adore the streamer. Many can see that even from the support xQc gets during any drama that involves him in it.

“That signature was terrible”- fans left baffled as ‘die-hard’ xQc fan tattooed the streamer's signature permanently

However, this time, a fan has tried to prove his love for the Twitch streamer in a different way. The fan in question has tattooed xQc’s signature on himself, permanently.

The fan did it after asking the Twitch streamer to sign on his arm during the TwitchCon 2023. The company set the entire event in a way that helped fans meet and greet their famous streamers and have interactions with them. And it seems like this fan’s evening was much more adventurous. Moreover, fans’ reaction to this incident is hilarious too:

Although the tattoo received a lot of brutal comments, this incident shows how much love the streamer receives from his fans. Moreover, the fan who got xQc’s signature tattooed also said how much the Twitch streamer inspires him to stream and do good in his life, hence turning Felix into a beacon of positivity for all the fans around the globe!


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