“Well that’s an L” Fans outraged as Bethesda Softworks revealed Starfield will run at 30 FPS on both Xbox Series X and S

Bethesda's upcoming game would make few of the most powerful consoles doubt their capabilities.

“Well that’s an L” Fans outraged as Bethesda Softworks revealed Starfield will run at 30 FPS on both Xbox Series X and S

The main reason behind the excessive selling of consoles is their exclusives. Video game developers make exclusive games for specific platforms, which means they cannot be played on any other platform. PlayStation with exclusives like the God of War series, Uncharted series, etc., the PlayStation has reigned supreme. However, Xbox isn’t falling back, with its newly announced exclusive titled, Starfield. But Devs has revealed that the game would cap at 30 FPS on the Xbox Series X & S consoles, leaving fans conflicted.

Starfield is an upcoming game developed by the acclaimed game studio. Bethesda. This is the same studio behind the most popular games like Elder Scrolls & the Fallout series. Starfield will feature Bethesda’s new universe, which had been due for a really long time. Moreover, this upcoming game will be an Xbox exclusive. Create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom in this next-generation role-playing game set amongst the stars.


Recent years have seen a multitude of exclusive games, mostly belonging to PlayStation. Starfield is Xbox’s upcoming ambitious exclusive title, ready to hit the store on 6th September this year. Furthermore, this game would be available on both the next-gen Xbox consoles, Series X & S. All would have been well for Xbox, but the release of a piece of news from Bethesda has left the fan base baffled.

Bethesda’s Director, Todd Howard, has revealed in an interview with IGN that the upcoming game will have an FPS cap of 30. This is very disheartening to gamers since new-gen consoles are powerful enough to handle new and upcoming graphic-intensive games.

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Starfield FPS capped at 30 for Xbox Series X & S

Bethesda Softworks revealed Starfield will run at 30 FPS on both Xbox Series X and S
(credits: Bethesda)

The Director of Bethesda, the studio behind Starfield, Todd Howard, has revealed that their upcoming Xbox-exclusive game would have an FPS cap. Howard said, “I think it’ll come as no surprise, given our previous games, what we go for. Always these huge, open-worlds, fully dynamic, hyper detail where anything can happen. And we do want to do that. It’s 4K in the X. It’s 1440 on the S. We do lock it at 30 because we want that fidelity; we want all that stuff. We don’t want to sacrifice any of it.”

Fans have varied reactions to this:

Almost every game, new or old, gives no less than 60 FPS, even with settings on max. So, this new development has left gamers questioning the capabilities of Xbox consoles. Altough there’s still time for the game to release, so we’ll see how well it would do with different settings on consoles.


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