“He looks like one of those school boys”: Fans react as Sykkuno gets a haircut making him look younger

“He looks like one of those school boys”: Fans react as Sykkuno gets a haircut making him look younger

Sykkuno shows his new haircut

Sykkuno, who recently appeared on the ‘Dumb Chess’ tournament of fellow streamer and content creator Ludwig recently got a new haircut making him look quite different and further amusing the fans. While the American YouTuber was first hesitant to reveal the haircut, he finally decided to do so in his YouTube video named ‘Hair reveal’.


Thomas, who is better known as ‘Sykkuno’ was one of the prominent Twitch streamers to move to YouTube gaming along with other OfflineTv members such as LilyPichu, Valkyrae and others. He has been quite frequent in his gaming livestreams as well as keeping fans updated about the changes in his life.

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Sykkuno shows off his new haircut leaving fans in awe

"He looks like one of those school boys": Fans react as Sykkuno gets a haircut making him look younger
Thomas ‘Sykkuno’

One of those recent changes was him getting a new haircut but this was not revealed by Sykkuno himself at first. Fans and fellow streamers such as LilyPichu, Wendy and Janet were able to notice something amiss when the streamer was spotted wearing a beanie.


While the streamers were teasing Sykkuno to remove his beanie and let them see his haircut, he revealed that his hair had been cut short and he will wear hats for a couple of days. This, however was far from satisfying his viewers as everyone was eager to see how the streamer looked with his new haircut.

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Earlier today, Sykkuno finally revealed his hair cut to his fans. Initially, he didn’t place the web camera at the correct position, leading viewers to see only his face but eventually he decided to place the camera normally and show his haircut that was quite shorter than the one he is usually seen while streaming.

"It's really short, I don't think it looks terrible or anything but it's definitely a lot shorter than I am used to."

He carried on jokingly commenting that fans can now see both of his eyebrows which was quite weird for him. While this isn’t the first time Sykkuno got a new haircut, fans are always ahead of pouring some interesting comments after the revelation. One of the YouTube comments read as-

"He looks like one of those schoolboys"

The haircut has undoubtedly made the streamer look younger than his previous appearance whereas others stated that they believe that the haircut will actually look good if Sykkuno decides to style a little bit more.

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