“Does this mean her hitbox is bigger” Fans HILARIOUSLY react to Nicki Minaj’s Call of Duty operator being extra “caked up”

Did Call of Duty go overboard with the fit?

“Does this mean her hitbox is bigger” Fans HILARIOUSLY react to Nicki Minaj’s Call of Duty operator being extra “caked up”

After a long time in the making, Nicki Minaj is now part of the Call of Duty realm and fans are buzzed after the month of hype created. Not only is she the ‘first self-named female operator’, but she is the first to have appeared in style. This being said her character is charmed up top to bottom, including a pair of heels which is quite ironic to have in a battlefield.

This move has been praised by the likes of Conor McGregor, who applauded Nicki for her involvement in the game. The twist of events as her character presents a flamboyant aura as she boasts a head-to-toe metallic pink catsuit along with six-inch heels. However, fans have been taking to Twitter and online to troll the character to have been too extravagant and even ‘too thick’.


Nicki Minaj is featured in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 , in celebration of ’50 years of Hip Hop celebration’. This celebration includes the addition of hip-hop characters, Snoop Dogg and 21 Savage, as operators in the action-filled game! However, as of now, only the cosmetic content of the characters has been made available for purchase in the game.

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Fans poke fun at Nicki Minaj’s operator in Call of Duty

Nicki Minaj on Call of Duty
Image via Call of Duty

Nicki Minaj’s operator bundle weapon blueprints for 2 new weapons. A brand new rifle gun called The Baddest and a shotgun called Super Freaky. Both of these guns will be bubblegum-pink by default and will be embroidered in jewellery with the name “Bryson”. These guns also supposedly shoot pink paint splatters. Along with this an animated player icon featuring an ice cream cone that morphs into Nicki’s face is released.


Amongst many other items, the bundle can be found on the Call of Duty game for about $20. Despite the extravagant costume, Nicki’s character can be seen putting good use to her heels as one of her finishing moves (“Get Bodied”) slams her opponent with the tip of the heels.  Other finishers included a nasty karate chop to the neck and a roundhouse kick.

Following the release of the Nicki Minaj operator, fans have been ruthless with memes. The character model being ‘too caked up’ or extra wide has been circulating the internet.

The cosmetic items that have been released in association with Nicki Minaj’s operator bundle will all be carried forward into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which is set to release on November 10. On the contrary, fans have also been buzzing with trolls and memes for the character being displayed as too overwhelmingly dashing. Nonetheless, Nicki looks great slaying the battlefield in Call Of Duty


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