FaZe Clan ownership clears up concerns regarding stockholders selling their shares

FaZe CEO clears the air about potentially selling his shares in the company.

FaZe Clan ownership clears up concerns regarding stockholders selling their shares

In a recent turn of events, FaZe Clan has moved swiftly to clear up concerns surrounding the potential sale of shares by its stockholders. Speculation arose following an SEC filing relating to FaZe Clan. The filing seemed to suggest a possible sell-off of the majority stake held by the owners. However, the CEO and key members of FaZe Clan have come forward to provide clarity on the matter.

On May 5, FaZe Clan made an SEC filing titled, “Prospectus reflecting facts events constituting substantive change from the last form.” This filing outlined the issuance of new shares of common stock and “the resale by certain selling security holders.” The initial interpretation of this filing by The Esports Advocate was that the founders and owners of FaZe Clan were preparing to divest themselves from the organization. This ended up causing understandable concern among fans and investors.


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FaZe Clan CEO and COO clear up concerns regarding the company’s shares

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To address the growing unease, FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink stepped forward to provide reassurance. He denied any intention of selling his shares. Trink stated,

“I’ve never sold a share and have no plans to sell.


Trink went on to explain that the filing in question was a routine update required by the SEC. He referred to it as an update to the original S1 registration statement. This clarification from the CEO aimed to alleviate any doubts about the stability and commitment of the organization’s leadership.

Adding further weight to Trink’s statement, FaZe Banks took to Twitter to address the concerns directly. In a clear and unequivocal statement, Banks said, “No we didn’t put our shares up for sale. Not a single one of us have ever sold or listed a single share.” These firm assertions from both the CEO and a prominent owner firmly put to rest the notion that FaZe Clan’s ownership was preparing to exit their positions.

FaZe Clan’s foray into the public market commenced in 2022 when the organization went public on the Nasdaq exchange. During the initial public offering, the share price of FaZe Clan reached impressive heights, peaking at over $20 in August. However, recent times have seen a decline in the share price, with it currently resting at $0.57.


The decline in FaZe Clan’s share price triggered a deficiency notice from Nasdaq, signaling a need for the stock to regain compliance with exchange regulations. To meet the compliance requirements, Their stock must recover and maintain a price exceeding $1 for a minimum of 10 trading days within 180 days of receiving the warning.

FaZe Clan’s leadership is undoubtedly focused on addressing the concerns surrounding their stockholders and the decline in share price. With their clarification regarding the sale of shares, they aim to instill confidence in both investors and fans alike. As they work towards meeting the compliance requirements set by Nasdaq, the organization will undoubtedly be strategizing and implementing measures to bolster their stock’s value.

FaZe Clan remains a prominent force in the esports industry. They boast a dedicated fan base and a roster of talented gamers across various titles. As they navigate this challenging period and seek to regain compliance, all eyes will be on the organization to see how they adapt and grow amidst the ever-evolving landscape of competitive gaming.


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