“She was on one of the episode of Stranger Things,” FaZe Rain brutally slams FaZe clan’s new Grace Van Dien signing

Faze might be having a new signing with a Stranger Things actress which was recently slammed and leaked by FaZe Rain.

“She was on one of the episode of Stranger Things,” FaZe Rain brutally slams FaZe clan’s new Grace Van Dien signing

Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain (Image via: Getty Images)

FaZe Rain had leaked a new signing to their roster for their clan. This comes as a part of FaZe Clan’s willingness to sign more women for their eSports team. Since the Organisation is doing pretty well with their competitions and championship they’re well equipped to make more signings with resources to spare. The new signing is the actress Grace Van Dien who starred in the famous production of “Stranger Things“.

But this move and FaZe rains spoiler tweet has only made things into chaos that seems a lot beyond anyone’s control now. Right after FaZe took to Twitter to make the announcement for new women players for the team to sign. FaZe Rain leaked the name of the actress who will be joining the team as the roster.


This move has been called a political one. Earlier on May 21, Jake Lucky a famous internet celeb shared a tweet of Nordan aka FaZe Rain. He also expressed his thoughts when he said, “This comes just days after Rain supposedly left FaZe Clan following their disputes…Idk man this just feels wrong, your beef is with FaZe, not the creators”.

While this did not go too well with FaZe Rain either as he responded by saying, “Of course, I posted on my IG (Instagram) story it’s not (an) offense to her, IDK (I don’t know) her. This is entirely a political move though, by them to get sponsorships by having women. Not because it’s the right thing to do, haha. I also looked her up with FaZe. Her name has never been in conversation with FaZe on Twitter EVER before today.”

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Who is FaZe Rain?

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FaZe Rain (image credit: YouTube.com)

He is a professional gamer from Canada who uploads video games to his YouTube channel, FaZe Rain (formerly known as TrickShotting). The 26-year-old is well known for posting Call of Duty videos, fan mail reads, and daily vlogs. He had earlier disclosed in 2021 that he could not walk without assistance due to chemical neuropathy. The influencer, who is 26 years old, has long had an extensive following.

Over the course of two years, he frequently discussed his everyday problems and experiences with his disease, which caused him excruciating pain when he walked or sat. Nordan once belonged to Thomas Oliveria’s Call of Duty sniping club, the FaZe club, but after making tweets about drugs, he was subsequently let go from the group.

Grace Van Dien’s career endeavor

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Grace Van Dien (image via: Twitter.com)

A Dutch-American actress named Grace Van Dien plays Chrissy Cunningham in the fourth season of Stranger Things. She is also well known for playing the lead character Brooke Osmond in the drama series “Greenhouse Academy” on Netflix. She is the child of Casper Van Dien and Carrie Mitchum, his first wife. Within three months of launching her channel, Van Dien had amassed over 200,000 followers on the video game live-streaming website Twitch.


In August 2022, she agreed to be represented by United Talent Agency. After being sexually approached at a movie set in March 2023, Van Dien announced during a Twitch live stream that she would be spending more time streaming than acting.

For now, things for Grace Van Dien look pretty good as her new signing for FaZe as a roster. What happens next would be worth keeping track of.

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